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Public Works

 Posting Number: 17-01
 Project Name: Consultant Engineering Services - Wayfinding Signage and Marketing Programs
 Opening Date: 1/3/2017
 Opening Time: 8:30:00 AM
 Due Date: 1/20/2017
 Due Time: 12:00 pm
 Status: Open
 Description: City of Mercer Island - Request for Qualifications
Consultant Engineering Services - Wayfinding Signage and Marketing Programs

The City of Mercer Island is requesting Statements of Qualifications from qualified consulting firms to create and design a Wayfinding Signage Program to guide visitors to key destinations and attractions within the City Town Center, and to develop a Marketing Program to promote and market the City’s businesses, parks and other community activities. The wayfinding signage will embrace the City’s character and deliver unified messaging that will direct motorists, pedestrians and cyclists to local amenities. The marketing program will involve working with community leaders to solicit feedback, resulting in a “branded” design that fits the Mercer Island Community.
The City is working in partnership with the Port of Seattle and has received grant funding from the Port of Seattle through their Economic Development Partnership Program for this project.
Mercer Island is located off I-90 between the cities of Seattle and Bellevue making it a regional transportation hub and ideal location to increase commerce.  The design of the Wayfinding Sign program will direct motorists to our Town Center and guide pedestrians and bicyclists from the Aubrey Davis I-90 Regional Trail to local amenities.  Working with the Mercer Island Chamber of Commerce, the Marketing program will promote and market the City’s assets, including businesses, parks and other community activities such as the Farmer’s Market.
Questions regarding this RFQ should be directed to Anne Tonella-Howe, PE, Assistant City Engineer at 206.275.7813 or by email at
Scope of Services
The selected consultant will work with staff representing Development Service Group (DSG), Public Works, Parks and Recreation, and the City Manager’s Office (CMO), as well as representatives from the Chamber of Commerce and the bicycling community to develop and design a City wayfinding sign and marketing programs.
  1. Wayfinding Program
  • Review and assess existing wayfinding signage and destinations
  • Engage user groups to identify needs and potential wayfinding difficulties
  • Recommend wayfinding signage types that should be added, replaced or consolidated
  • Using aerial imagery and/or GIS resources, develop a map of recommended wayfinding signage locations.
  • Provide installation guidance where obstacles to installation may be significant
  • Prepare detailed designs for select wayfinding features
  • Prepare an Opinion of Probable Cost for the fabrication and installation of the signs
  1. Marketing Program
  • Engage community leaders, including the Chamber to solicit feedback and input
  • Identify tools to promote and market City’s assets, including businesses and other community activities.
  • Develop a ‘branded’ design that fits the Mercer Island community
  • Final Report detailing the wayfinding project
  • Final wayfinding sign mock-up
  • Final design details (specifications) for future sign fabrication
  • Final sign placement locations (mapped and list formats)
  • Final ‘branded’ design
Total budget available for this work is $30,000
Submittals Due to City Friday,  January 20, 2017 by noon
Interviews (Tentative) Week of February 6, 2017
Notice to Proceed March 6, 2017
Final Deliverables Due to City May 19, 2017
Final Invoice Due to City May 19, 2017
Project Complete May 30, 2017
Submission Requirements
Submittals shall be no more than 20 pages including the letter of introduction. All submittals shall be on 8 ˝’ by 11” paper, single-sided, font size not less than 11 point.
Submittals that do not address the items listed below, exceed the 20-page limit, or contain information other than what is requested will be considered incomplete and will be deemed non-responsive by the City.
Proposals must be received by:  Noon on Friday January 20, 2017
Submit six (6) copies to:
                Anne Tonella-Howe, PE
                Assistant City Engineer
                City of Mercer Island Public Works Department
                9611 SE 36th Street
                Mercer Island, WA  98040
Clearly mark all submittals:  Wayfinding Signage Design
Each submittal must include the following:
  1. Letter of Intent (1 page max)
Summarize your firm’s background, resources, and relevant experience. The letter must contain a commitment to provide the services described herein with the personnel specified in the qualification submission. Include the name, address, phone number and e-mail of the primary personnel who will be involved in the execution of the scope of services.
  1. Description of Firm
Provide a brief history of the firm, including the firm size, areas of expertise, and any other pertinent information applicable to this project.
  1. Experience with Similar Projects
Provide a brief description of at least three (3) previous projects that were similar in scope and complexity to this project completed by the firm or team within the last five (5) years. This information should include a description of the firm’s or individual’s contributions to the project.
  1. Team Qualifications
Describe the key personnel who will perform the various tasks, the amount of their involvement and responsibilities, and give their qualifications including specific roles in past projects. Include brief resumes of the team and if sub-consultants will be used, include their qualifications. The resumes should clearly demonstrate each individual’s qualifications and professional experience in the area of wayfinding plans and programs.
  1. Project Understanding and Approach
Describe your understanding of the project scope and the City’s needs, and the approach your team will take to meet the City’s needs. Provide details of how your team will execute and manage the project and describe how your team will work with City staff and other stakeholders.
  1.  Schedule
Provide an explanation of how your firm would meet the project schedule and deliverables.
  1. References (1 page max)
For each project noted in C. above, include a contact name, address, current telephone number and e-mail address for the City’s use in verifying the firm’s past performance.

Evaluation Criteria and Selection Process

Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria. Proposals will be reviewed by a selection committee. The top team(s) may be called in for interviews in February 2017.
  • Wayfinding: Experience and skills in preparation of basic elements of wayfinding programs and signage design. Ability to create a program that embraces the City’s character and deliver a unified message that will direct visitors to the Town Center.
  • Marketing: Experience and skills in developing a marketing program that will promote and market the City’s assets, including businesses, parks and other community activities.
  • Public/Stakeholder Participation: Experience and skills working with community leaders, business community and public agencies in meaningful public participation to ensure that the community’s vision is heard and included.
Overall Proposal: What distinguishes this proposal and team from others? Quality of the proposal/interview in terms of content, organization and presentation.
Quality of Proposed Approach: Does the approach present a well thought out strategy that is likely to achieve the desired end product and completion of all tasks within the project budget?
Related Projects: Are the reference projects similar in size, scope, complexity to Mercer Island?
Personnel: Are key personnel and percentage of time devoted to this project discussed?
Responsiveness:  Does the submittal respond to all of the requirements included in the RFQ?
Published in:
Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce – 01/03/2017; 1/07/2017; 1/09/2017
Mercer Island Reporter - 1/11/2017


 Posting Number: 17-02
 Project Name: 3838 WMW Water System Improvements Project
 Opening Date: 1/4/2017
 Opening Time: 8:30:00 AM
 Due Date: 1/25/2017
 Due Time: 2:00 pm
 Status: Open
Advertisement for Bids

3838 WMW Water System Improvements Project

DATE OF BID OPENING:  January 25, 2017
TIME: 2:00pm
Sealed bids for the 3838 WMW Water System Improvements Project will be received by the City of Mercer Island at the DSG Permit Counter, 9611 SE 36th Street, Mercer Island, Washington 98040 until 2:00pm local time on January 25, 2017 at which time bids will be opened and publicly read. 
Work to be performed under this contract includes furnishing all labor, equipment, and materials necessary for the construction of the following improvements:
Work generally consists of constructing 1,000 LF of new 8-inch and 4-inch DI water main, 13 water services, 2 connections to existing main, and temporary and permanent roadway restoration. Temporary erosion/water pollution control, temporary traffic control and devices, property restoration and other miscellaneous items will also be necessary to complete the work.
By submitting this bid, the bidder agrees that, if award this contract, they will achieve Final Completion within 30 working days from the Notice to Proceed and the Substantial Completion Date will be 10 calendar days prior to the Final Completion Date.
A single contract will be awarded to the responsible bidder submitting the lowest total responsive bid for all schedules combined. Each bidder, by submission of the proposal, acknowledges and understands the rights reserved by the Owner in awarding the contract and the Owner’s right to modify the size of the project. 
Bids are to be submitted only on the forms provided in the Specifications.  All bidding and all construction shall be carried out in compliance with the Plans and Specifications for this project.
Each bid proposal shall be accompanied by a bid proposal deposit in cash, certified check, cashier’s check, or surety bond in an amount equal to five percent (5%) of the total amount of such bid proposal.  Should the successful bidder fail to enter into such contract and furnish satisfactory performance bond within the same time stated in the Specifications, the bid proposal deposit shall be forfeited to the City of Mercer Island.
The City expressly reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive minor informalities and irregularities in the bidding process. Bids shall remain open for a period of sixty (60) calendar days from the date of Bid opening and no bidder may withdraw their bid during this period.
Free-of-charge access to project bid documents (plans, specifications, addenda, and Bidders List) is provided to Prime Bidders, Subcontractors, and Vendors by going to and clicking on "Posted Projects", "Public Works", and "City of Mercer Island".   This online plan room provides Bidders with fully usable online documents with the ability to: download, view, print, order full/partial plan sets from numerous reprographic sources, and a free online digitizer/take-off tool.  It is recommended that Bidders “Register” in order to receive automatic e-mail notification of future addenda and to place themselves on the “Self-Registered Bidders List".  Bidders that do not register will not be automatically notified of addenda and will need to periodically check the on-line plan room for addenda issued on this project.  Contact Builders Exchange of Washington at (425) 258-1303 should you require assistance with access or registration.
Bidder questions are to be directed to Rona Lin, Utilities Engineer, by email at, by phone at (206) 275-7806 or by fax at (206) 275-7814.
As part of the City’s affirmative action effort, the City encourages the participation of certified disadvantaged businesses and women’s business enterprises to act as prime contractors as well as subcontractors on this project.           
City Clerk Ali Spietz
City of Mercer Island
Mercer Island Reporter – January 4th, 2017
Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce – January 4th and January 18th, 2017



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