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Electronic Plan Review (MIePlan)

MIePlan is Easy!

Mercer Island is now offering an electronic plan review process utilizing the Cloud, which --besides being better for the environment-- offers substantial benefits to our building permit applicants including:

  • A convenient means of plan submittal. Just upload the ePlans to at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • Significantly reduces the costs associated with plotting and printing,  compiling and assembling the drawings, as well as delivery expenses.
  • Provides a more precise and efficient means of communication with the Mercer Island review staff. Review comments clearly indicate the area in question directly on your ePlan submittal--fewer resubmittals required due to miscommunication!
  • You will get your permit sooner! Typically, fewer review cycles using MIePlan are required, and because of the inherent efficiency in reviewing ePlan submittals, the City is able to reduce the target review dates for electronic submittals!

The City of Mercer Island was among the first municipalities to offer a comprehensive electronic plan review process for all types of development projects. Now we are taking the knowledge gained and the lessons learned to implement electronic plan review on the Cloud (MIePlan) further streamlining and simplifying the electronic plan review process!

The City has put together a few short video tutorials that provide an overview of the MIePlan process. It is recommended you watch each one to get a feel for how the MIePlan review process works. We think you'll agree that this is a much easier and efficient way to perform plan review.

Tutorial One: Navigating Adobe Reader

Tutorial Two: Initiating an ePlan Review

Tutorial Three: Correction Round Instructions

We would appreciate hearing from you regarding your experience using MIePlan. Please feel free send an email to

Click here for an information sheet about electronically submitting Land Use applications.


What do I need?

You will need to have either the free version of Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded here, or you may use Adobe Acrobat, the full featured upgrade to Reader, which can be purchased here. You will need one of these software products to "Publish" (or post) your replies and comments to the Cloud.

Does it cost to participate?

No! There are no additional fees associated with participating in the MIePlan review process.

How does MIePlan work?

  1. MIePlan Preparation: Prepare your plans, permit forms, and supplemental information to allow for electronic plan review (for example, convert to PDF format, set security to allow commenting, bookmark pages, etc.). 
  2. MIePlan Submittal: Submit your plans, forms, and supplemental information online at To log on use the username guest and the password eplan to get in. You will receive an email confirmation with fees due.
  3. MIePlan Intake Screening: An intake screening is performed if your project results in a net area increase of impervious surfaces greater than 500 square feet or exceeds $100,000 in permit valuation.  Incomplete applications will be returned for correction and resubmittal.
  4. MIePlan Review: Each Plan Reviewer marks up their comments directly onto your submitted ePlans. After each reviewer has completed their review, they will Publish the comments to the Cloud for you and your consultants review.
  5. MIePlan Reply and Resubmittal: After all the review disciplines have Published their comments, you will "Reply" to each comment, and resubmit your corrected plans to
  6. MIePlan Approval and Permit Issuance: Once all of the plan review comments have been adequately addressed, an approval stamp is digitally encrypted onto the ePlans and made available for download from You will need to print a hardcopy of these approved plans for posting at the job site.
Click here for Complete Details of the MIePlan process in PDF format.

What about revisions to an already approved and issued building permit?

After a permit has been issued, the process to submit a revision to an approved ePlan is similar to a new submittal (MIePlan Preparation, MIePlan Review and Reply etc).

Should I submit electronically?

Yes -- It accelerates turnaround times, is more efficient, and saves a LOT of paper!

Click here for Target Times

Click here for Codes and Design Criteria

Other Questions about MIePlan?

Our continued partnership is important to the success of this new process.  We appreciate your feedback regarding what works and what can be improved. Please feel free to email with any questions or suggestions.



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