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City of Mercer Island / Community Planning & Development / Land Use / Planning / Application Forms and Submittal Requirements

Land Use Application Forms and Submittal Requirements

Zoning Map

To view the zoning map for Mercer Island click here.

Pre-Application Meeting

A Pre-Application Meeting is required prior to submittal for many land use applications and recommended for others. A Pre-Application Meeting is an opportunity to meet face to face with Community Planning & Development staff to discuss a proposed land use application. Staff will answer questions and provide a cursory review of the project narrative, application documents, and plans to determine whether the application is ready for submittal. Meetings are held on Tuesday, by appointment. Click here for the Pre-Application meeting request form and more information on whether it is required for your project.  

Transportation Concurrency
Submittal of a Transportation Concurrency Application is required prior to, or concurrent with, any development proposal that will result in the creation of one or more net new vehicle trips during peak hours (7am-9am, 4pm-6pm). A Traffic Impact Analysis complying with the City’s Traffic Impact Analysis Guidelines is required for any proposal that generates 10 or more peak hour vehicle trips at concurrency intersections

Development Application

Development Application is required for all land use project applications. Please attach a coversheet in addition to any forms you submit. Click here for our current fee schedule.  Click here for information on Impact Fees

Electronic Submittals

Click here for information about electronically submitting Land Use applications. All applications must be submitted electronically to our file transfer siteTo log in use the username guest and the password eplan

Land Use Application Forms and Submittal Requirements

Click on the links below to find out more information on the submittal requirements for land use projects. For information regarding different types of plans that they City may require for review of land use applications click here for the Land Use Application- Plan Set Guide.

Land Use Legislative Reviews

Click on the links below to find out more information regarding land use decisions.  


Complete the Appeal Form to appeal a Building, Land Use or Right-of-Way decision.

Building Application Forms and Handouts

For Building Application Forms and Handouts click here.

If you are having issues viewing or filling in the forms, please click here. If you do not have Adobe Reader, download a free version (click here to download).


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