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Open Space Conservancy Trust - Agenda     
Thursday, July 18, 2019

Call To Order:
Chair Westberg called the meeting to order at 6:02 PM in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 9611 SE 36th Street, Mercer Island, WA 98040.
Roll Call:
Board members present included Chair Rory Westberg, Vice Chair Marie Bender, Secretary Thomas Hildebrandt, Trustee Carol Lynn Berseth, Trustee Craig Olson, and Trustee Geraldine Poor.  Council Liaison David Wisenteiner was absent.
Staff present were Paul West, Parks Planning Manager, and Alaine Sommargren, Interim Parks Operations Manager.
Trustee Olson motioned and Trustee Berseth seconded to: Approve the March minutes.
Motion passed: 6-0.

Public Appearances:
There were no public appearances.
Regular Business:
1.        Annual herbicide report
Interim Parks Operations Manager Sommargren presented the 2019 herbicide use report which breaks out activities by quadrant. The species treated include yellow archangel, knotweed, bindweed, and invasive trees. This work is accomplished by professional contractors and the seasonal Natural Resources crew. She fielded questions from Trustees.
2.      Joint Meeting with Parks and Recreation Commission 
Interim Parks Operations Manager Sommargren distributed the orientation guidebook for the Parks and Recreation Commission as background. The September meeting will be an introduction to the two boards and what the roles are for each, including engagement in the PROS plan.
3.       Quadrant Reports 
NW Quadrant: Trustee Berseth and Trustee Bender
Nothing out of the ordinary to report.
NE Quadrant: Chair Westberg and Trustee Poor
Trustees reported that the new fence extension along the Bridge Trail looks good. They noted there is a short cut trail along the switch back that has gotten worse. Staff are aware of this and will be keeping an eye on it. Trustees also reported that about a 12-foot section of the log cribbing along the Ravine Trail is beginning to slough. 
SE Quadrant: Secretary Hildebrandt and Trustee Olson
Secretary Hildebrandt noted that the new crushed rock along the trail looks very good.
4.        Election of Officers 
Chair Westberg gave an overview of the officer election process and opened the floor for nominations of officers. New officers assume their roles effective immediately. Chair Westberg noted that he will be stepping down from the board as he has served as Chair for two years and will be serving on the Parks and Recreation Commission. He expressed his appreciation for the Board and Staff members. Trustees expressed their appreciation for Chair Westberg’s service on the Board.
The nominations were as follows:
Chair: Trustee Poor nominated Trustee Bender to serve as chair. Trustee Hildebrandt seconded.
Motion approved 6-0.

Vice Chair: Trustee Olson nominated Secretary Hildebrandt to serve as Vice Chair. Trustee Poor seconded. Motion approved 6-0.
Secretary: Trustee Berseth nominated Trustee Olson to serve as Secretary. Secretary Hildebrandt seconded. Motion approved 6-0.
5.        Other business
Secretary Hildebrandt asked when the Forest Health Survey report is expected to come out. Interim Park Operations Manager Sommargren reported that the City will need to hire out the data analysis.
6.        Next Meeting 
The next meeting is scheduled for September 19, 2019.
Adjournment:  6:32 pm

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