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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Chairman Bryan Caditz called the meeting to order at 7:27 pm in the Council Chambers, 9611 SE 36th Street, Mercer Island, Washington. 



Chairman Bryan Caditz, Vice Chairman Carla Weinheimer, Commissioners Lucia Pirzio-Biroli, Scott Kuznicki and George Wittman were present.  Commissioner Emmett Maloof was absent. Council Liaison Dan Grausz was present.  There was a quorum.



Planners Matt Torpey and Jeff Thomas were present. Deputy City Attorney Katie Knight was present.



The minutes of June 27, 2007 were deferred to the next Design Commission meeting for approval to allow staff to flesh out the direction provided by the Design Commission to the applicant in the study sessions.  




Agenda Item #1: Townpointe Condominiums by RKK Construction Public Meeting

Staff planner Matt Torpey provided a staff report to the Design Commission.  Questions to staff included the requirement of landscape bonds and whether the Design Commission can find code sections identified as “not applicable” can be applied such as traffic circulation.  Staff noted that the Design Commission can make findings that differ from the recommendations contained in the staff report.


Jeffrey Hummel of Jeffrey Hummel Architects P.C. briefed the Design Commission on behalf of the applicants, RKK Construction.  Questions to the applicant included the width of the driveway, the side yard setback requirement, storm drainage requirements and plans (Randy Koleher answered looking into an infiltration system per City Engineer.


Public Comment


Daniel Morgan – not a “that” duplex, commercial building (computer center), requests survey of property, trees are on Mr. Morgan’s property.




Whittman – 80% trees are on RKK property, verified materials, heaviness of facias.

Weinheimer – likes design, variety in windows, site issues – slope most sdignificant issue, OK with landscape buffer requirement, why not elevated walkway – deviation,

Lucia – yard requirements, driveway to east would work better, raised walkway could be considered a deck per single family residential standards, need architecture defining entrance from street,  Jeff- elevated walk will enhance that experience and ways trees define, Lucia – wants to see raised walkways and articulation of it, composition from street more refined 8.20 PM no alignment of fenestration from above and below (decks, windows)

Bryan – too much interrogating, direct comments to commission

Scott – continuation of trail, what is present use, Jeff – not continuation, not public access to other properties, Scott – likes elevated walkway issue, cant be counted as landscape 19.12.040(11), hide foundations of walkway to soften, retaining walls on west side?  Jeff – low wall with grade transition south to north 3.5 to 4 feet, even in middle, DC likes landscape buffers to define property area and screen, hopefully this will work, Jeff grade helps Lucia’s point garage doors are down, Scott – landscape at front of building, will concrete base be dominate Jeff pointed out plantings at front on landscape plan.


Bryan – strong consensus on raised walkway staff look into, accept smaller buffer on west side, entrance ok given residential nature not sure about others.


Lucia – put retaining wall on property line Jeff drive way more hard edged, transition more difficult, Lucia – more work on entry way, detailing of bridge and hand rails.


Motion – Whittman explore elevated wlakways to entrance with repsct to drip line and roof strucrtre along east line and the develop architectural quality of the entrance Second Weinheimer


Vote 5-0


Council Liasion report – summer break, Peak update, 1m for set aside from old site earmarked for gymtime. 


Staff report, Grauz correct


Ed Weinstein of Weinstein AU and Karen Kiest, Landscape Architect briefed the Design Commission on the PEAK proposal.  The applicants answered questions of the Design Commission regarding excavation and tree retention, the breakdown of deciduous and coniferous trees along the west elevation, where Madrona trees are located at the site, modulation and articulation of the west façade, building mass, location of the play area, incorporating sustainable elements into design and function of building, pedestrian and bicycle access to facility, emitting natural daylight into building and the use of the facility from people outside Mercer Island.


Agenda Item #2: 9555 SE Office Building Study Session

Arthur Chang of Freidheit and Ho Architects and Elizabeta Stacishin-Moura of the The Dwelling Company briefed the Design Commission on the 9555 SE Office Building proposal.  The applicants answered questions of the Design Commission regarding watercourse buffer requirements, landscaping, site access, parking, building height, building context to adjacent properties as well as streetscape and building massing.




Scheduled Absence of Commissioners:  Vice Chairman Carla Weinheimer will be absent for the upcoming July 11th meeting.  Commissioner Emmett Maloof will be absent for the upcoming July 11th, July 25th and August 8th meetings.


Next Regular Meeting: The next regularly scheduled Design Commission meeting is July 11, 2007.  There are no agenda items scheduled for this meeting. 



Chair Bryan Caditz adjourned the meeting at 10:10 PM.



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