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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


In absence of Chairman Bryan Caditz, Commissioner Emmett Maloof called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm in the Council Chambers, 9611 SE 36th Street, Mercer Island, Washington. 



Commissioners Lucia Pirzio-Biroli, Scott Kuznicki, George Wittman and Emmett Maloof were present.  Chair Bryan Caditz and Vice-Chair Carla Weinheimer were absent and exused. Council Liaison Dan Grausz was present.  There was a quorum.



Planners Matt Torpey and Travis Saunders were present. City Attorney Bob Sterbank was present.



The minutes of June 27, 2007 were deferred to the next Design Commission to rectify a word processing issue.




Agenda Item #1: Shorewood Heights Condominiums Construction - Public Meeting

Staff planner, Matt Torpey, provided project information to the Design Commission and recommended preliminary design approval.  Questions to staff were regarding if parking requirements were being met, placement of utilities, erosion control, and landscaping requirements along eastern property boundary.  Staff responded that parking requirements are met, utilities would likely be placed behind vegetation, erosion control would be required for building permit and the northern property boundary abuts WSDOT property, which is heavily treed and would not be developed, according to WSDOT.


John Marosko of Security Properties, Inc. made introductions of the project team.  Chris Maleet, Ted Panton, Anne-emile Gold of GGLO Architects, and Don Hill of Triad Development briefed the Design Commission on behalf of the applicants, Security Properties, Inc.  Questions to the applicant included which window and door systems are being used, impact of rooftop appurtenances on adjacent buildings in the development, quality of proposed exterior wood panels, level of landscape plan detail, clarification on proposed mechanically stabilized earth, sustainability of the project, clarification on the proposed “runnel” system, green roof opportunities, and clarification of the greenbelt.


Public Comment opportunity was provided at the discretion of the Design Commission.


Dolly Mason, citizen, raised questions regarding garbage collection and possible trail connections to upper Luther Burbank Park.


Bill Davenport, citizen, raised questions regarding development proximity and impacts to a nearby ravine.


Ellinor LeMaster, citizen, raised questions regarding vehicular impacts of the development.





Scott Kuznicki – Retail would be nice in this setting, unfortunately not allowed by zone; Inquiry regarding building structure materials (steel frame vs. wood frame); Inquiry regarding runnel system and drainage.


Lucia Pirzio-Biroli – Expressed reservation on rockery abutting WSDOT property; Vinyl is an inappropriate window material for the proposed design; Inquiry regarding material used in building overhangs; Statement that wood panels should be of decent quality; Statement that transition between windows and decks should be more thought out; Statement that trellis privacy screening design should be well thought out, utilizing good design; Requested to see a high level of detail on landscaping plan.


George Wittman – Statement that he would like to see thoroughly developed elevations in future submittals; Statement that he would like to see a more defined landscape plan, showing impacts to existing vegetation and clear display of proposed; Statement that he would like to see a definitive list of materials to be used.


Dan Grausz – Request of staff to check original plat to see if any conditions are present that would impact proposal.


Design Commission deliberated


Motion by Lucia Pirzio-Biroli


  1. The proposal shall be revised to fully comply with the following code sections:
    1. 19.12.030(B)(5)(b) Entrance Connections
    2. 19.12.070(B) Lighting plan
    3. 19.12.060(B)(4) location of garbage and recycling areas


  1. The final design should be consistent in materials and quality to those depicted in the July 31, 2007 submittal packet photographs with respect to the following elements:
    1. window package
    2. duration of panels
    3. details of soffitts
    4. landscape screens and trellises
    5. landscape design
    6. exterior elevations and retaining walls


  1. the final design should reflect consistency of architectural design language with respect to the following elements:
    1. deck details in relationship to the building
    2. railings in relationship to the windows
    3. spandrels in relationship to the deck platform
    4. details of the roof overhangs


Second by George Wittman


Vote 4-0 - Preliminary design approval is granted for the proposed development located on Shorewood Drive between SE 32nd Street and SE 36th Street, as presented on the submittal packet dated July 31, 2007, incorporating the findings of the Staff Report and subject to the conditions set forth in the motion.



Agenda Item #2: Sculpture placement for 7800 Plaza


Staff planner, Matt Torpey, briefed the Design Commission on the subject project.


David Hoy, of the 7800 LLC presented the Design Commission with project background and artist information.


Design Commission deliberated the placement of the art piece in relation to the sculpture garden, the entrance to the business and the sidewalk.


Commissioner George Wittman moved to approve the placement of the art on private property with the condition that the existing benches on site and in the right of way not be removed.  Commissioner Pirzio-Biroli seconded. The motion passed 4-0.




Commissioner Maloof adjourned the meeting at 10:43 PM.


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