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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Call To Order:

Chairperson Rita Moore called the meeting to order at 6:07pm in the City Council Chambers of City Hall.


Roll Call:

Rita Moore, Chairperson, Don Cohen, Vice Chairperson, Tina Lanzinger, Liz Sanderson, and Bruce Bassett and Fletch Waller were present. Mike Grady was absent.

Pete Mayer stated Mike Grady contacted him via e-mail to indicate he may not make the meeting due to some urgent issues he needed to take care of at his day job and would like the board to convey any important information that he may need to take to the City Council.



Pete Mayer, Director of Parks and Recreation

Paul West, Arborist

Deborah Alexander, Senior Admin. Assistant, were present.



(1)                 It was moved by Vice Chairperson Don Cohen; seconded by Fletch Waller to:

Approve the Regular Meeting Minutes of September 20th with the following changes: Under item 4 to make note that new signage would entail significant cost, and to replace the word tabled with deferred.

Motion passed 6-0



Tom Hanson, International Forestry Consultants, is present at the request of Paul West, Arborist and the board to answer questions about his report on the SE Quadrant Forest Management.


Regular Business:



(2)                 SE Quadrant Forest Management presentation by Tom Hanson

The consultantís report recommended clearing all trees from an 11 acre area of the Southeast Quadrant and selectively removing dead and dying trees from another 6 acres to the east of the clearing area.  It also recommended replanting the areas with 5,500 trees and performing brush control to aid establishment of the new trees.


It was moved by Vice Chairperson Don Cohen; seconded by Tina Lanzinger to:

Not pursue the recommendation put forward in the report at this time.

Motion passed 5-1


It was moved by Fletch Waller; seconded by Bruce Bassett to:

Direct staff to develop alternative proposals for the SE Quadrant and to authorize up to $2,000 to support the development of said proposals that would be brought back to the trust no later than the end of 2007.

Motion passed 5-0 Liz Sanderson abstained.


(3)                 Board Meeting Attendance/next meeting


Don Cohen sent an e-mail after last meeting that discussed the issues around attendance. The meeting dates through 2008 were sent out, and the board felt it would be best to discuss the attendance for the next scheduled meeting before adjournment of every meeting. Don also suggested some progress needs to be made with identifying some action items based on retreat outcomes that the board could begin to address. The possibility of moving the meeting in December from the 20th to the 13th was discussed. Deborah Alexander will send out e-mail asking board members for their availability to see if moving the meeting date in December will work. The results will be discussed at the next scheduled meeting on November 15th.


(4)                 PSE Substation Replanting


Paul west gave a courtesy notice to the board about the PSE Substation. They will be cutting down and replanting trees that are either overhanging the transformer or have blown down. They have gone through the Development Services Group and received authorization.


Adjournment:   8:03pm





Rita Moore, Chairperson







Deborah Alexander, Scribe


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