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Open Space Conservancy Trust - Minutes     
Thursday, June 21, 2012

Call To Order:
Chair Newman called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm in the City Council Chambers of City Hall.
Roll Call:
Trustees Joel Wachs, Aric Weiker, Council Liaison Jane Brahm, Chair Elliot Newman, and Secretary Tina Lanzinger were present. Vice Chair, Robert Thorpe had an excused absence and Geraldine Poor arrived after roll call.
Staff Present:
Bruce Fletcher, Parks & Recreation Director
Paul West, Parks Natural Resource Coordinator
Alaine Sommargren, Natural Resource Specialist
It was moved by Council Liaison Brahm, seconded by Secretary Lanzinger, to:
Approve the minutes of April 12, 2012.
Motion passed 4-0
There were no public appearances.
Regular Business:

  1. Welcome to Trustee Weiker – Elliot Newman

New Trustee Weiker spent a few minutes telling the Trust Board about himself.

  1. Recognition of Don Cohen – Elliot Newman

Chair Newman read a resolution of thanks for Don Cohen’s contributions to the Trust Board. City Staff gave Don a copy of the resolution and a stadium blanket, and he said a few words in response.

  1. Letterboxing Update– Elliot Newman

Chair Newman gave a summary of the program activities to date that included the kickoff and future activities.

  1. Tobacco Use Policy Update – Bruce Fletcher

Parks and Recreation Director, Bruce Fletcher, gave an update on the response of The City Council to the letter that the Trust Board submitted on the topic. Council gave permission to the Parks and Recreation Director to post Tobacco Free signs in City Parks at his discretion.

  1. Annual Report and Work Plan Final – Paul West

Paul West presented the final version of the Annual Report and Work Plan for review. The presentation has been scheduled for the Council meeting on July 16th.

  1. Summer Work Plan – Paul West

Paul West gave a presentation on the proposed items on the summer work plan which is detailed in the agenda packet.

  1. Herbicide Application Report – Alaine Sommargren

Alaine Sommargren, Parks Natural Resource Specialist, reported on the 2011 herbicide applications. She also detailed the herbicide treatments scheduled for 2012.
The Trustees expressed an interest in sending a letter to residents who share borders with the Trust Properties educating them about the use of invasive plants.

  1. Disseminating Educational Materials – Elliot Newman

Chair Newman initiated a discussion among the Trustees about how the Trust Board might tell the public about “Pioneer Park – A Natural History”. Several ideas were discussed including a booth at the MI Farmer’s Market, an article in the Reporter, the City Government channel, the Pioneer Park kiosk and the Recreation Guide.

  1. Next Meeting – Elliot Newman

The next meeting is scheduled for August 9, 2012.
Adjournment: 7:23 pm

Download File
OSCT Agenda Packet June 2012.pdf


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