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Arts Council - Minutes     
Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 6:37 pm by Vice Chair Paulette Bufano at the Mercer Island Community & Event Center.
Roll Call
Members Present: Paulette Bufano, Anna Gordon, Linda Iwanyk, Karen Kaser, Mireya Lewin, An Tootill and Susanne Zahniser. Members Absent: Jane Ditzler and Susan Szafir.
City Council:
Council Member Jane Meyer Brahm.
Amber Britton, & Eileen Hemmis Trifts
MIVAL Liaison:  Robert Still
Liza Comtois, Freehold Theatre Organization
2222 2nd Ave. Suite 200, Seattle, WA  98121
The Freehold Theatre takes large scale productions to non-traditional venues; i.e., prisons, military bases, hospitals and children’s centers.  Liza presented a proposal for a partnership whereby their organization would be able to use the Luther Burbank Amphitheatre for a pre-production dress rehearsal on June 29.   In exchange, they welcome open viewing that day as well as a promotional appearance on June 30 or July 1. They will be performing the Henry I & II with a little bit of Richard II. Freehold Theatre does not charge admission, but do take donations at more traditional locations. Liza indicated they would need access to electricity for their two accompanying musicians. They would begin setting up around 1 pm, and the show would run from approximately 6 to 8 pm. They will be packed up and out of the Amphitheatre by 9 pm.  Amber noted that as a partnership with the Arts Council, the fee for the Amphitheatre would be waived. She indicated that the Amphitheatre is available on June 29, and she will check on availability of June 30 and July 1.
Ms. Comtois thanked the Arts Council and left the meeting.  
Following a brief discussion by the Arts Council, Suzanne Zahniser motioned that the Arts Council make the park available for the trial run, and in exchange request that they do a performance. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
Approval of Minutes
Anna Gordon motioned for approval of the April 17, 2014 regular meeting minutes. Motion was seconded and passed.
Chair Report:
Paulette Bufano, Vice Chair
Paulette distributed copies of the Mostly Music in the Park brochure.  The brochure will be included as an insert in Mercer Island utility bills.
Paulette distributed a listing of all Arts Council summer programs, requesting that each member sign-up for dates they are available to make the introductions at these programs.  Amber indicated that a script would be available for the Mostly Music in the Park introductions.
Susan Szafir, Chair
No Report
Mostly Music in the Park (MMIP)
Paulette Bufano, Chair
Paulette reported that Karen Kaser has accepted appointment as the new MMIP Chair.  Paulette indicated that personal donations for MMIP from individual Arts Council members would be appreciated.  Bob Still indicated that he would mention this to MIVAL.
Paulette reported that she and Amber are working on a new policy for Mostly Music in the Park submissions.  They anticipate that it will be ready in the fall, before a call for music is put out for next year.
Linda Iwanyk, Chair
Linda reported that the current gallery exhibit is Seattle Co-Arts.  The next show, Marianne Bond and Helen Schwedenberg, is scheduled to be hung on Saturday, June 7.  The reception will be held on Thursday, June 12. 
Suzanne Zahnister gave an update on the Juried Art Show which is scheduled in the gallery July 28 through September 12.  She reported that Sandy Glass helped put together a prospectus which has been circulated. Entry deadline is June 30. The juror will be Paula Stokes.  The reception date has been moved to August 7 in order to accommodate her schedule.  Suzanne will be out of town on the hanging date.  Sandy has indicated she will be able to be there for the hanging.  Amber indicated that the prospectus has also been sent out to past juried art show participants and groups that have shown in the gallery.  Linda indicated that she will send out a reminder for hanging and reception assistance.
An suggested that the show be moved to a little later in the year in 2015.  This would allow the Arts Council to promote it at Summer Celebration, and it would move the deadline further out, giving artists adequate time to participate. 
Public Art
An Tootill, Chair
An reported that she feels that the wall located at the West Mercer Way off/on ramp is ripe for a mural.  She would like to see a welcoming-type mural, and proposed that the Arts Council endorse a mural for this wall in 2015.  In researching the feasibility of a mural, An found that aside from a lot more red tape, there are no permit fees, and no onerous restrictions on a mural.  The retaining wall is owned by WSDOT and they would have to approve it. An felt that they would be amenable as long as it is not an advertisement, not reflective and does not interfere with the stop sign.   An felt that because it is similarly sized as the tennis wall, that the cost could be $16,000 - $18,000. It would require a call to artists.  Amber indicated that the budget this would be proposed for would be effective in January of 2015 and would be funded from 1% for the Arts. 
Suzanne suggested that An confirm that this wall is not scheduled for replacement in the near future.  An agreed that she could do that.
Anna Gordon made a motion to add the proposal to improve the West Mercer onramp/exit wall to the 2015 budget.  The motion was seconded and passed.
An brought up the low profile of the Arts Council and the need for new members.  She felt that the Arts Council sponsors and does the work for projects, like MMIP, and the Arts Council logo is not prominently displayed.  She felt the Arts Council should be more prominently recognized starting with the Tennis Mural.  It was agreed by all to make an effort to make the Arts Council name and/or logo identifiable for all future projects and publications.  Amber agreed that this could be done and asked that Arts Council members provide specific guidance on what they would like to see.
An made a motion that the Arts Council have the tennis mural artist paint attribution for the Arts Council on the wall and, if need be, convert the money for a plaque to payment to the artist to do so.
The motion was seconded.  
Mireya agreed that while there should be more recognition for the Arts Council, but took issue with having the Arts Council logo in such close proximity and in competition to the artwork.  An clarified that she was proposing that it be off to the side, but more visible.
Suzanne commented that there have been several discussions at past meetings about needing to raise the Arts Council profile.  She wasn’t clear on why that needs to be done.  An commented that it is not so much about recognition, but more about making a public identity.  She felt this is important for attracting new members, and that part of the inability to attract new members has been due to poor visibility.
The Chair called for a vote on the motion.  The motion passed.
Community Relations:
Chair, Vacant
Collection Management subcommittee:
Mireya Lewin, Lead
Mireya presented an electronic viewing of the Arts Council’s web pages on Stqry  She reported that there are a dozen stories represented at present, and the Arts Council can now add additional stories.  Mireya agreed to prepare a cheat sheet for use in preparing new stories.  It was noted that stories would require administrative approval before they go live.
Amber indicated that a link similar to the one on the city of Seattle’s website could be added to the Arts Council web pages on the city’s website.
Staff Report
Amber Britton
Amber asked Council Member Brahm for an update on the proposed wine tasting/art fundraising event discussed at last month’s Arts Council meeting.  This is a MIVAL/Chamber of Commerce combination wine tasting and art event date on September 12 from approximately 5 - 8 pm.  MIVAL plans to have fine art for sale and to have artists in action.  The plan is to have 10-12 wineries participating, and to charge around $25 per person. Currently the location is at the north end of 78th street along the Outdoor Gallery.
Jane thought this might be a good opportunity for the Arts Council to roll out Stqry.
This event is still in the early planning stages. The logistics have yet to be worked out. There is another meeting tomorrow, and Jane would like to tell them that the Arts Council might be interested.  Paulette said she would try to attend. 
Anna suggested adding this to the June agenda when there is more structure (after the committee meets tomorrow).  It was agreed that Jane will find out what the committee wants from the Arts Council at tomorrow’s meeting, and that committee representatives from MIVAL and the Chamber will be invited to make a presentation at the June meeting.
Amber reported that the department is starting to research ideas for new art programs. This stems from a current art group’s concern that the art programs offered by the Parks & Recreation Department have declined over the years.  Current programs include Ikebana flower arranging, open studio painting (non-instructional), live model sculpture and clothed model painting.  The Recreation Superintendent, Diane Mortenson, is interested in what types of adult art classes Arts Council members think might be a good fit for the Parks & Recreation Department.   If you have information about art programs that you know are working in other places or ideas for new programs please let Amber know so that she can pass them along to Diane.
The meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm


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