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Arts Council - Minutes     
Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 6:50 pm by Chair, Paulette Bufano at the Mercer Island Community & Event Center.
Roll Call
Members Present: Paulette Bufano, Anna Gordon, Karen Kaser, An Tootill and Suzanne Zahniser.  Absent: Linda Iwanyk, Mireya Lewin, and Susan Szafir.
City Council:
Council Member Jane Meyer Brahm.
Amber Britton & Eileen Hemmis Trifts
Erin Vivian and Naomi Glass - both of whom indicated interest in the Arts Council and possibly applying for a position on the Arts Council.
Terry Moreman, Executive Director, Mercer Island Chamber of Commerce
7605 SE 27th St., #109, Mercer Island, WA  98040
Terry Moreman made a presentation to the Arts Council outlining the ďUncorkedĒ event, an evening of wine tasting and art, from 6-9 pm on September 12.  It is a joint effort between the Chamber of Commerce and the Mercer Island Visual Arts League (MIVAL). She stated that the purpose of this event is to bring people in the downtown core out of their apartments and together as a neighborhood.
She indicated that they would like the Arts Council to sponsor for music for the event.  It would be an in-kind sponsorship, and the Arts Council will be listed as a sponsor in event literature and publicity.  Music is desired in two locations; at the check-in area and near the food and art.  They would welcome an Arts Council booth.  The Arts Council felt this would be a good opportunity to distribute information on and hold demonstrations on STQRY.  Ms Moreman left the meeting at the end of her presentation, and the Arts Council agreed to consider her request and respond after discussing it further.
The Arts Council agreed that they would like to sponsor the Uncorked Event as presented by Ms Moreman.  In discussion of a budget for sponsoring the music for this event, Karen Kaser estimated $1,000 for three hours of music at each location.  The Council agreed on $1,000 each, including the sound system if  Amber is able to find it in the budget.  Amber will check, but is unsure if she can come up $2,000. Karen felt if this amount is not available, it could be done for less.
Approval of Minutes
Anna Gordon motioned for approval of the June 11, 2014 regular meeting minutes. Motion was seconded and passed.
Chair Report:
Chair, Paulette Bufano
Paulette reported that as a result of the Arts Councilís decision to support keeping art programs at the Community Center, she wrote a letter to the City Council asking them to consider one of the three proposals submitted for finding a space for art classes that are being displaced at the Community Center. She presented it to the City Council at their June 16 meeting.  She felt that it was well received. 
An Tootill asked if the letter should be followed up with an editorial or letter to the editor of the Mercer Island Reporter regarding the loss of the sculpture space.  Amber responded that she would have to find out if this would be allowed for the Arts Council as a city entity, but they could do whatever they wanted as individual concerned citizens of Mercer Island.
Paulette indicated that she and several other Arts Council members attended the Fire Station 92 reception for the arrival of the beams from the World Trade Center.  She said it was very touching, and a wonderful thing for Mercer Island. Jane Brahm felt it was a very good turnout.  There was some disappointment that there wasnít more publicity.  Amber indicated that press releases were sent out.  The City Information Officer is putting together a list of all of the places that did carry something on it, and Amber will forward that to Arts Council members when she receives it. 
Amber stated that there was an amazing amount or collaboration across the country as the truck carrying the beams made its way here.  Fire stations all along the route took pictures and posted them on facebook and other social media.  They made a stop at the Firefighterís convention in Spokane.  Several fire stations from our area met them at North Bend and escorted them the rest of the way.  Fire fighters from Bellevue fire stations that couldnít join them lined the overpasses and saluted as the truck passed by.
Susan Szafir, Chair
No Report
Mostly Music in the Park (MMIP)
Karen Kaser, Chair
Paulette pointed out that the Mercer Island Reporterís 98040 had a large ad with info on MMIP and Shakespeare.  Amber Britton stated that there was also information in the Recreation Guide and that posters have been distributed to businesses that agreed to post them.  Amber also stated that Parks & Recreation has A-frames that will go out the week before each performance.
Linda Iwanyk, Chair
Juried Art Exhibit - Suzanne Zahniser
Suzanne reported that there were over 100 pieces submitted by 36 artists for the Juried Art Exhibit.  Judge Paula Stokes made selections and Suzanne will be emailing all of the entrants.  There were only three artists who were not accepted.  She stated that more than enough entry fees were collected to cover the prizes.  Suzanne suggested future juried art shows be held it a little later in the year.  This would allow for advertising at Summer Celebration.  Gallery Coordinator, Eileen Hemmis Trifts, confirmed that next yearís show has been scheduled in the September/October time slot.
Public Art
An Tootill, Chair
An stated that with regard to the Mosaic project for the Luther Burbank Park playground, she said she is totally for the project, but felt the artwork that is being considered has a total lack of imagination.   It was noted that the Arts Council did approve the project as submitted at their last meeting.  Suzanne stated that the preliminary designs submitted are not the final artwork.  Once it has been approved by the City Council and there is a contract and budget, there should be an opportunity to make changes to the design.
Community Relations:
Chair, Vacant

Staff Report
Amber Britton
Budget - 2015-16
The Arts Council discussed the budget and agreed to the following revisions:
(1) $600 will be diverted from PR 5300 53110, Services Recreation, $1,500 SC! Sponsored Activity to PR7500 54903 to cover the Artec Collection Management annual fee. 
(2) $500 literary event support PR5500 54170 could be moved to another category now that Island Books is sponsoring the literary events.  It was determined that it could be diverted to Author Readings.
Amber indicated that the Arts Council can distribute budget allocations at whim, but cannot exceed the $77,171 ceiling.  Amber can submit allocations for 2015-16 the same as the 2013-14 budget, but she would like it to be as accurate as possible.  Submission is due July 25th
Amber stated that Public Art Maintenance PRAT 40 is $9,000 that is spent yearly to maintain public art.  That amount is allocated and spent every year.
Amber already has the mosaic amount of $25,000 for the 1% for the arts.  It is much simpler to submit this as a part of the budget.  She reminded the Arts Council that if something else comes up after the budget has been approved, this will necessitate, going through the agenda bill process to have it approved by the City Council. 
Amber suggested inclusion of the Retaining Wall Project at the West Mercer Way freeway onramp as well. An Tootill said because the wall is so complicated and she has been unable to get a schematic from WSDOT, she will have to do a to scale diagram before she can estimate the cost.    She thinks that $18,000 would be approximately correct, but until she has a diagram to give a better estimation of the scale of the project she canít be sure.  Also, because it will require prep work and it is not on city property, that will most likely be an added expense.  It was agreed that $25,000 should be adequate, and to request up to $25,000.  If it is determined that it is not feasible, the money wonít be spent. If it turns out to be more than $25,000, additional funds can be requested.
Summer Celebration! Arts Council Booth: 
Chair, Paulette Bufano thanked Naomi and Erin for signing up to help at the Arts Council booth. She thanked Anna for organizing everyone.
Amber stated that she will have everything at the tent.  She stated that the SC volunteer coordinator will be sending volunteers over to help with the crafts both days.  Amber shared handouts about STQRY that she will have for the booth along with several posters.  It is a free app and the QR code is on the poster.  Anyone with a smart phone can scan it and you can give them a short demo.  It was noted that there are about a dozen stories that have been posted to date, and there are 84 more items to be posted.
Paulette stated that at the next meeting everyone should be prepared to choose an item and, using the template, write another story that can be posted to the website.
An Tootill announced that there is a light rail station meeting tomorrow night.  This is the communitiesí opportunity to see what is planned and to weigh in on what they would like to see and what they think about what is already done.  She thought there might be an opportunity to do something with all of the glass in the windows.  Jane Brahm stated that there is also an opportunity for the community to put up additional funds if they want something more than what Sound Transit is willing to do.  Amber said Sound Transit will also be at Summer Celebration and seeking input from community members at their booth.
Suzanne Zahniser announced Mercer Island Center for the Arts will have a booth at SC!  She invited everyone to come by and see the model and pick up some information.
The meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm

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