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Utility Board - Minutes     
Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Call To Order:
Board Member Wendy Weiker called the regular meeting of the Utility Board to order at 7:05 p.m. in the Council Chambers Room at City Hall, 9611 SE 36th Street, Mercer Island, WA.
Wendy Weiker, Tom DeBoer, Steve Milton, Susan Kaltenbach, Tim O’Connell, and Council Liaison Debbie Bertlin were present.  Vice Chair, Kwan Wong was absent and Chair Ben Levie was in attendance via conference call.  
City Staff: Glenn Boettcher, Maintenance Director, Chip Corder, Finance Director, Francie Lake, Deputy Finance Director, City Engineer, Patrick Yamashita, Don Cole, Building Official, Christina Schuck, Assistant City Attorney, Terry Smith, Utilities Operation Manager,  and Asea Sandine, Recording Secretary were also present.
O’Connell moved to approve the minutes from the January 13, 2015.  DeBoer seconded the motion.  The Board unanimously approved the minutes.
Regular Business:
Lake conveyed that, following the boil water advisory, staff has been working on an update to the Cross Connection Control Program (CCCP) and noted that this was one of Department of Health’s five after action requirements (e.g. irrigation systems drawing from Lake Washington).
Lake provided the Board with an overview of the Cross Connection Control program as well as the City’s update process. Lake advised that a mulit-deparmental team was formed to focus on three areas: 1) Ordinance and Program Updates, 2) Property Surveys, and 3) Education. 
Lake advised that staff will present a draft ordinance at the March 10, 2015 meeting and solicited Board input regarding the proposed ordinance.  With regard to the proposed Cross Connection Residential survey, Lake inquired whether the surveys should target waterfront customers or all Island properties.  The Board agreed the survey should begin with waterfront properties and then anyone that meets Table 9 requirements (Severe and High Health Cross Connection Hazard Premises Requiring Premises Isolation by AG or RPBA), Exhibit 2 of the memo. Lake concluded her presentation by submitting the post-boil water advisory event letter for discussion. The Board considered the intent of the letter and suggested a reduction in scope if possible. Lake stated she would review the letter with the education sub-committee.
Next Meeting:  The next scheduled meeting is March 10, 2015. 
Adjournment:  9:01 p.m.


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