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Design Commission - Minutes     
Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In absence of Chairman Bryan Caditz, Commissioner Maloof called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm in the Council Chambers, 9611 SE 36th Street, Mercer Island, Washington. 
Vice-Chair Carla Weinheimer, Commissioners Scott Kuznicki, George Wittman, and Emmett Maloof were present.  Commissioners Caditz and Lucia Pirizio-Biroli were excused absent.  Council Liaison Dan Grausz was present.  There was a quorum.
George Steirer, Senior Planner, and Matt Torpey, Planner, were present.  City Attorney Bob Sterbank was present.
The minutes of June 27, 2007 and September 12, 2007 were approved
Agenda Item #1: Triplex Located at 7420 SE 27th ST- Public Hearing
Staff planner, Matt Torpey, provided project information to the Design Commission and recommended preliminary design approval. 
Jeffery Hummel, with Hummel Architects gave a presentation and overview of the project.
The applicant proceeded to answer questions of the Commission regarding window placement, landscape design and design of the pedestrian pathway/bridge that accesses the main entrance.
Commissioner XXX moved to approve the final design review of the project with no conditions.
The Commission voted unanimously to approve the project.

Agenda Item #2: WCF on Island Crest Way – Public Meeting/Hearing
Senior Planner, George Steirer, briefed the Design Commission on the subject project.
Commissioner Kuznicki requested to know why the applicant was proposing a 98 foot pole, instead of the maximum 110 foot pole.  Steirer stated that he would defer the question to the applicant for the reason they did not request a greater height.
Kevin Foy, of WFI, representing T-Mobile gave a brief presentation of the project. 
Commissioner Kuznicki requested to know how they determined the height of the pole.  Mr. Foy stated that 88 feet height is required by on T-Mobiles engineers’ propagation maps to make the equipment work.  The additional pole height is for the collocation requirements, which includes a minimum 10-foot separation.  The proposed antenna would provide gap coverage, and is the minimum height necessary.
Commissioner Wittman requested to know where is the closest tower.  Mr. Foy does not know the specific location, and stated he has tried to collocate with other carriers.
Commissioner Wittman asked if there was any fencing and landscaping.  Mr. Foy stated no fencing would be in place as it would be underground.   Landscaping would be replanting of the disturbed area.
Chair Caditz asked staff if collocation is possible with the antenna to the North.  Steirer stated that staff did examine the issue, and finds that there is not physical space for the antennas on the existing pole.  Additionally, the applicant has provided information stating why the pole would not suffice do due propagation requirements and equipment area needs. 
Open Record Hearing was opened.  Ron Mattar of 4645 88th Ave SE spoke on the issue.  He expressed his concern that it is not collocating with another structure, but only allowing for collocation, and therefore should be at a lower elevation.  Mr. Mattar was also concerned about landscaping and the SEPA noticing.
The second person to speak was Edwin Mirsky.  Mr. Mirsky was concerned about the aesthetics, and the walking safety due to the underground vault. 
Kevin Foy confirmed that the conduit runs to the antennas would be hidden within the glue laminate pole.
Commissioner Weinheimer moved to approve to proposal.  Commissioner Kuznicki seconded the motion.  Commissioner Wittman moved to amend the motion that that applicant be required to provide a landscaping and vegetative impact plan to staff.  Commissioner Kuznicki seconded the amendment.  The amendment passed with four yahs and no nays.  The original motion to approve the application failed with two yahs and no nays. 
Commission Caditz moved to table the decision on the application subject to the receipt of an interpretation regarding MICC 19.06.040.C.1 from the DSG Director.  Commissioner Wittman seconded the notion.    
Agenda Item #3: Gottesman Condominium – Study Session
The applicant’s architect, Don Weller, provided a short overview of the site design, parking issues on the site, and possible alternatives for meeting the requirements. 
Discussion by the applicant, Wendy Gottesman, Don Weller, and the Design Commission including landscaping requirements on the south side and driveway width requirements.
Commission Wittman would like to see a minimum of 5 feet of landscaping.  Weinheimer would agree that five foot would be adequate.
Commissioner Wittman prefers the “contemporary” design on pages 7, 8, and 9.
Commissioner Weinheimer stated the neighborhood does not have a distinct style and any of the proposed styles would be appropriate.  Chair Caditz agreed that the neighborhood would accommodate either style and the code requirements.
City Council member Dan Grausz reminded the Commission to apply the standards equally and the applicant must show how the requirements are met through other alternatives.
Chair Caditz stated the applicant must try to provide as good or better landscaping.
Commissioner Kuznicki discussed some possible access and landscaping alternatives.
Commission Weinheimer stated that if the applicant feels strongly about having a reduced landscape strip, there must be mitigation that the commission can determine as equal to the code requirement.  Show the mitigation with a site plan.
Council member Grausz discussed possible future levies.
The December 26th meeting will be canceled.    
Chair Caditz adjourned the meeting at 10:01 PM.

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