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Arts Council - Minutes     
Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Chair Erin Vivion at 6:34 pm at Mercer Island Community & Event Center, 8236 SE 24th Street, Mercer Island, WA 98040.

Roll Call
Members Present: Amy Barnes, Erik Gordon, Jessica Prince, Damian Schwiethale, Xixi Shakes, Rene Stratton (Arrived 6:35 pm), Gaylene Vaden (Arrived 6:35 pm), and Erin Vivion 
Members Absent: Candace Chuck and Matt Lome
City Council: Deputy Mayor Salim Nice absent
MIVAL Liaison: Claudia Zimmerman
Staff: Diane Mortenson and Sarah Bluvas

  • Mark Hirayama, Town Center resident: Hirayama shared his interest in upcoming Town Center developments and learning more about plans for the Greta Hackett Outdoor Sculpture Gallery.
  • Carol Friends, Rotary Club of Mercer Island: Friends presented about the Rotary Club’s Peace Poles initiative and appealed to the Arts Council to place one of the Peace Poles in the sculpture gallery. Rotary plans to place two dozen Peace Poles around the Island that will be connected via three separate “Peace Walk” routes. There may be opportunity to coordinate a Peace Walk/Art Walk tie-in, although no plans for a Peace Walk are in place at this time. Barnes will enlist a small group to walk the sculpture gallery to ensure that the proposed location is appropriate.
It was moved by Barnes; seconded by Prince to:
Approve the minutes as amended.  
Passed 8-0
FOR: 8 (Barnes, Gordon, Prince, Schwiethale, Shakes, Stratton, Vaden, Vivion)
ABSENT: 2 (Chuck, Lome)

2019 Budget Report – Sarah Bluvas
Bluvas reported on the 2019 operational budget to actual/pending expenses. As of January 8, $39,895 remains in the Arts Council’s 2019 operational budget. 

Committee Appointments – Chair and Staff
Chair Vivion appointed members to committee assignments based on interest forms submitted at the December 2018 meeting. Vaden agreed to chair the Special Projects Committee, which lacked a chair appointment and will focus on the Certified Creative Districts program in 2019. 

Creative Consultancy Proposal Process – George Lee
Lee, the consultant selected by the Arts Council through the 4Culture Creative Consultancy program, presented about his background and the process for writing a grant proposal for a project related to the Greta Hackett Outdoor Sculpture Gallery. The deadline to submit a proposal to 4Culture is February 28, 2019.

Public Art Project Idea: 2 for 1 – Damian Schwiethale and Erin Vivion
Schwiethale and Vivion presented an idea for a sculpture project in collaboration with a dance organization like Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB). They presented this example as a new way to approach public art projects. Ideas include:
  • Using projects as a starting point to create a “cultural handshake” with other organizations in the region
  • Cultivating stronger community connections with permanent works of art by curating performances and other programming around them
  • Seeking new community-funded models as opposed to 1% for Art in Public Places funds
  • Leveraging the Let’s Talk online platform to facilitate a community conversation on public art and generate a “Public Art Pipeline” to inform the long-range public art plan 
The Arts Council supported Schwiethale in reaching out to PNB to explore potential collaborations.
Chair Report – Erin Vivion
  • Chair Vivion has met with several individuals over the last few months, including:
    • Mark Hirayama, Town Center resident – Discussed the Greta Hackett Outdoor Sculpture Gallery 
    • Lisa Jaret, Arts in Education Program Manager, ArtsWA – Discussed how to integrate school districts into the Creative Districts program
    • Manny Cawaling, Executive Director, Cultural Access Washington – Discussed working with local arts agencies on arts & culture policymaking
  • She also discussed a recent public concern related to the Flock installation; she reminded members to stay aware of arts & culture issues/opportunities in the community and individuals/organizations to connect with to build more awareness for the Arts Council’s work and support via potential partnerships.
Mostly Music in the Park – Jessica Prince, Co-Chair
The selection committee has received more than 100 submissions so far for the 2019 series, and five community members reached out to participate on the selection committee. Prince, Lome, and Bluvas will meet soon to discuss the selection process. Prince also expressed interest in integrating potential summer activations as part of the 4Culture Creative Consultancy into enhanced programming for MMIP.

Literary – Erik Gordon, Chair
Some Arts Council members attended the Classics on Film: Queen of Katwe screening in December and reported that it was extremely engaging, although the event could’ve been more well-attended. Gordon and Bluvas will continue to work with Lance Rhoades to evolve this program series.

Gallery – Amy Barnes, Chair
  • MIVAL Holiday Show: The artists sold 131 pieces for $2,925.50 in total sales ($2194.13 paid to the artists $731.38 paid to the gallery).
  • Northwest Artists in Action: The exhibit opened on Monday, January 7, 2019, and the reception takes place tomorrow, January 10, 6:30-8 pm at the Community Center. The artists will also host two artist pop-ups on Saturdays, January 26 and February 2, 2019, from 11 am-3 pm at the Community Center. Barnes and Shakes asked Arts Council members to stop by at these three events to meet the artists and thank them for showing at the gallery. 
Community Relations – Damian Schwiethale, Chair
Schwiethale will move forward with exploring the “2 for 1” public art project idea and/or other collaborations with PNB. He also compiled a list of community organizations to reach out to to learn more about their work and identify potential partnership opportunities in the coming months.

Public Art – Erin Vivion, Chair
No report.

MIVAL – Claudia Zimmerman, Liaison
Zimmerman will present the artwork options for MMIP promotions in March.

Other Business
No other business.

Staff Report – Sarah Bluvas and Diane Mortenson
Bluvas further discussed options for conservation related to the Handsome Bollards installation. She will work with the Public Art Committee to decide on the appropriate next steps and hope to make a final recommendation on an approach at the February meeting.

Chair Vivion adjourned the meeting at 8:25 pm.

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