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Arts Council - Minutes     
Saturday, March 02, 2019

The retreat began at 12:40 pm at Mercer Island Community & Event Center, 8236 SE 24th Street, Mercer Island, WA 98040.

Roll Call
Members Present: Amy Barnes, Candace Chuck, Erik Gordon, Matt Lome, Jessica Prince, Damian Schwiethale, Xixi Shakes, Rene Stratton, Gaylene Vaden and Erin Vivion 
City Council: Deputy Mayor Salim Nice absent
Staff: Sarah Bluvas, Diane Mortenson, and Jessi Bon

Welcome and Overview
  • Bluvas welcomed the group and reviewed the agenda.
  • Housekeeping:
    • Reminder to report monthly volunteer hours
    • Reviewed upcoming Arts Council activities 
    • No March regular meeting
Setting the Foundation for 2019 & Beyond
  • Bluvas and Bon discussed the role of the Arts Council and members, including:
    • Advisory role to the City, City Council, and Mayor
    • General City boards and functions
    • City’s organizational chart and how the Arts Council fits in the structure
    • Updated ordinance and functions of the Arts Council
    • Guidelines for conducting board business, including OPMA, Public Records Act, and using City e-mail to conduct Arts Council Business (will review Robert’s Rules of Order at April meeting)
  • Bon introduced the new Parks & Recreation Commission, including the projects it may work on and how it may collaborate with the Arts Council.
  • Students from Youth Theatre Northwest’s Chaos Theory improv group facilitated teambuilding exercises based on improv.
  • Bon reviewed the current and future state of the City budget as well as how Parks & Recreation staff roles have been impacted/evolved.
  • Bluvas led the group through an exercise to establish group norms, and the group agreed to adhere to five group norms this year:
    • Everyone contributes.
    • Foster a collaborative environment.
    • Hold each other accountable.
    • Get to know each other and the community.
    • Be transparent and accessible.
Reviewing the 2019 Arts Council Work Plan and Determining what Success Looks Like
  • Bluvas briefly reviewed the major 2019 work plans items for staff and the Arts Council to work on together, including:
    • Updating policies and procedures
    • Planning, promoting, and evaluating Arts Council programs and events
    • Stewarding and promoting the public art collection
    • Participating in arts & culture needs related to citywide projects
    • Building awareness and partnership for the Arts Council and its programs
    • Pursuing new funding streams
    • Developing and tracking performance goals
  • The group identified specific performance goals for each work plan area.
  • Bluvas will compile all the ideas and notes recorded at the retreat and send out specific plans for next steps and to continue planning into the April meeting.

The meeting closed at 3:45 pm.

Download File
Minutes_Arts Council_03.02.19_Retreat.pdf


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