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Arts Council - Minutes     
Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Chair Erin Vivion at 6:32 pm at Mercer Island Community & Event Center, 8236 SE 24th Street, Mercer Island, WA 98040.
Roll Call
  • Members Present: Erik Gordon, Matt Lome (arrive 6:34 pm), Xixi Shakes, Suzanne Skone, Gaylene Vaden, and Erin Vivion
  • Members Absent: Anumeha, Amy Barnes, and Damian Schwiethale
  • City Council: Deputy Mayor Salim Nice
  • MIVAL Liaison: Claudia Zimmerman
  • Staff: Sarah Bluvas and Diane Mortenson
  • Guests: Manny Cawaling, Cultural Access Washington 

No appearances.
Update on Cultural Access Washington and Washington State Arts Alliance – Manny Cawaling
Cawaling shared information about his new role as Executive Director of Cultural Access Washington (CAWA) and the recent merger of CAWA and the Washington State Arts Alliance. Cawaling has been focused on advocacy work, including working with King County and 4Culture to pass an improved Access for All initiative in 2020.
It was moved by Gordon; seconded by Vaden to:
Approve the May 8, 2019, minutes as amended.  
Passed 6-0
FOR: 6 (Gordon, Lome, Shakes, Skone, Vaden, Vivion)
ABSENT: 3 (Anumeha, Barnes, Schwiethale)
2019 Budget Report – Sarah Bluvas
Bluvas reported that $21,426.48 remains in the Arts Council’s 2019 operational budget. She noted program areas where the Council may select to reallocate funds and advised members to consider this heading into the third and fourth quarters.
Aubrey Davis Park Cultural Arts/Placemaking Visioning Working Session – Sarah Bluvas
Bluvas continued the Aubrey Davis Park cultural arts/placemaking visioning work by conducting an exercise that explored public input received during the master plan process thus far. She will compile the discussion notes and send to members with additional resources related to placemaking in parks. 
Chair Report – Erin Vivion
Vivion reported on two recent meetings she attended – the 4Culture Local Arts Agency (LAA) meeting at King Street Station and the Growth Management Hearings Board healing related to the comprehensive plan amendments.

Public Art Report – Sarah Bluvas
Public Art Signage Request: Bluvas presented a signage request from the Mercer Island Fire Department for Gateway of Service, the public artwork featuring World Trade Center artifacts installed at Fire Station 92 (South station). The Arts Council requested that MIFD revisit the design to include more interpretive elements. Bluvas will work with MIFD to design a new sign and bring it to the Arts Council for approval at a later date.
Handsome Bollards Update: Tom Jay will not be able to finish the Handsome Bollards restoration due to health issues; Jay and Sara Mall Johani recommended we proceed with Peter Kopetzky, a welder/metalworker they work with regularly, to complete the project based on Jay and Johani’s design recommendations. Bluvas will provide cost estimates at the next meeting.
Special Projects – Gaylene Vaden
Vaden sought the Arts Council’s support to explore and engage local organizations to collaborate on the Creative District process. Shakes also volunteered to assist with the project.
Mostly Music in the Park – Matt Lome
Lome updated on activities scheduled before each concert, including “opening act” performances by local musicians and Youth Theatre Northwest. He also sought volunteers to MC each concert. The following members volunteered:
  • July 11 – Matt Lome
  • July 18 – Erin Vivion
  • July 25 – VACANT (still need volunteer)
  • August 1 – Gaylene Vaden
  • August 8 – Erik Gordon
  • August 15 – VACANT (still need volunteer) 
Literary – Erik Gordon, Chair
Gordon also sought volunteers to welcome audiences at Shakespeare in the Park performances. No members volunteered, so he will revisit at the July meeting when other members are present.
MIVAL – Claudia Zimmerman, Liaison
MIVAL meets to discuss the MIVAL Gallery 10th anniversary on Thursday, June 13. Zimmerman will share ideas and/or request Arts Council participation at the next meeting.  
Other Business
No other business.
Staff Report – Sarah Bluvas
Bylaws and Community Arts Support: Bluvas provided two policy documents for members to review and be prepared to discuss at the July meeting:
  • Proposed amendments to Arts Council Bylaws
  • Proposed Rubric for Community Arts Support 
Art Uncorked 2019: Bluvas instructed members to brainstorm ideas for inspiring community engagement at the Arts Council booth at Art Uncorked on Friday, September 7. 

Chair Vivion adjourned the meeting at 8:34 pm.

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