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Thursday, May 02, 2002

Open Space Trust Board members present
Marguerite Sutherland, Ira Appelman, Gail Magnuson, Jim Owens, Rita Moore

Open Space Trust Board members absent
Jim Pearman, Bill Duvall

Paul West, Park Arborist
Stephanie Cangie, Administrative Assistant

Welcome to Rita Moore
New Board member, Trustee Moore, was officially welcomed by the other members.

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of March 7, 2002 were unanimously approved with the following corrections:

Page 1: under Public Appearances show that there were no public appearances.
Page 2: under Ravine Trail, the next to the last sentence should read, “The elements that have been included will be flagged in the field ahead of time.”
Page 3: in the second paragraph from the top, 3rd line, should be changed to read, …”are 10 o 12-inch peeler logs. It is intended that the ravine trail will be a single track, two foot wide.”
Page 3: under Shoulders of Island Crest Way, the fourth line should be changed to read, …”south of Island Crest Way near the 68th Street intersection, a graveled shoulder has been created to allow big trucks to make the turn.”
Page 4: the second paragraph should read, “Bill Duvall said that a good example of successful root removal is the trail at the south end of the Island, the Fleury Park trail where roots were cut and caused no detriment to the trees.”
Page 4: the third paragraph, the sixth line should read, “…of the root and the soil conditions around the root will affect the decision.”
Page 4: the fifth paragraph, the second line should read, “…Stevenson’s and the Saddle Club before and when construction begins…”

Old Business

Master Plan Implementation – Update
Paul West presented a handout showing MacLeod Reckord Landscape Architects’ estimates for the Pioneer Park improvements.

Base Estimate - $368,820.00
Contingency - 36,882.00
Total Estimated - $405,702.00

Furnished items - $7,154.00 (benches, trash cans, picnic table) SE 68th Crosswalk - 5,508.00 (crosswalk down the east side of 68th Street towards East Mercer Way)
Ravine Trail - $47,574.00
ICW Plantings - $2,052.00
Mineral Soil Surface on Primary Trails - $50,000.00
The costs proposed by MacLeod Reckord are higher than the $365,000 approved by City Council in October 2001. Before going to bid, the Trust Board needs to adjust the base estimate to meet the amount of money allotted for the project. Some of the elements that were added that have caused this increase are the use of rock waterbars on the equestrian trail costing $17,000, and the upgrade of the trail from a soil surface to a mineral soil surface which added $25,000. The primary equestrian/pedestrain trail item is up to $110,000 which is the single biggest item in the budget. Paul suggested making the mineral soil surfacing on all the primary trails an additive alternate.

He further informed the Board that the base estimate includes site preparation, demolition and clearing, paving and surfacing, mineral soil surface, drainage improvements, site furnishings, structures such as the buried logs, removeable wood bollards, waterbars, post and rail fencing, planting, regulatory signing, and striping. Most of the estimate is in the trail surfacing. The accessible trail is $73,000; the primary pedestrian trail is $110,000; the secondary pedestrian trail $58,000; and areas on the secondary trail where drainage correction calls for mineral soil surfacing, $8,300.

The contingency is built into the budget because when the project is underway there are always unplanned expenses.

Paul asked the Trust Board to prioritize the items on the handout so that when the bids come in some of the items can be added back in.

Trustee Magnuson stated that it is not a good idea to use rock waterbars on equestrian trails. Wood waterbars are less likely to cause damage to the horses. The Board agreed to take rock waterbars out of the estimate.

The Board discussed what it would mean to not have mineral soil surfacing. Paul advised that the surface would be the existing soil on the trail with spot improvements of gravel where there are drainage problems. The Board discussed taking out all improvements to the secondary trails except for where the drainage is extremely poor which would save $58,000. Once the bids are finished and awarded, there will be a linear foot unit cost to negotiate in the construction of trails. It was the consensus of the Board that the ravine trail be included in the base estimate.

Trustee Appelman requested an explicit statement estimating the length of time these trail improvements will last. Paul stated that with proper maintenance he is confident that these surface improvements will last ten years. An increment for maintenance was part of the agenda bill approved by City Council.

Motion made by Trustee Owens and seconded by Trustee Appelman that the ravine trail be included in the base estimate, the rock waterbars be removed, and that the priority of the additive alternates be as follows:
  1. Mineral soil surfacing on primary trails
  2. Secondary trail improvement
  3. Minimum furnishings (with bench placement priority being one bench at the entrance of SE quadrant and two at the overlooks in the NE quadrant)
  4. Island Crest Way plantings
  5. SE 68th crosswalk
with staff being given the responsibility of selecting the additive alternatives to get the best product and stay within the budget. Motion was unanimously approved.

Ravine Trail/East Mercer Way Connector
Paul advised that he has submitted a grant application to King County for funds from the Conservation Futures (CFT) 2002 Annual Collections in the amount of $343,098 in hopes of acquiring property adjacent to Pioneer Park . The City would need to match this amount. Acquisition of these properties would establish a public pedestrian connection between Pioneer Park and East Mercer Way allowing the public to enter the park from the east to complete the all-Island trail linkage.

Paul distributed the membership list from King County Conservation Futures Citizens Committee. Trustee Appelman suggested the Board talk to the City Manager and the Assistant City Manager to ascertain what the proper process is for contacting this committee. Paul West said he will talk to the City Manager and Assistant City Manager and relay the results of this conversation to Trustee Sutherland and Trustee Owens before they call any of the members of the committee.

Forest Management Public Tour
Paul distributed the itinerary for the Forest Management public tour on Saturday, May 11, 2002, at 10 a.m. He is planning to have a canopied area with display boards for the public to view. This will be the starting point of the tour. All Trust Board members are encouraged to attend. To get the word out to the public about the tour, nine signs have been placed in the park, there was an article in the Mercer Island Reporter, the sign at Mercerdale has the information, and everyone who attended the last public meeting received a notice.

Chairman Sutherland reported that she and Trustee Duvall are working on an outline for the Trillium. Chairman Sutherland encouraged other Board members to help with this project.

Earth Day
Paul reported that Trustee Appelman as well as twenty-five citizens and volunteers from Youth and Family Services took part in the Earth Day project on April 20, 2002, cutting holly, plant salvaging at the ravine trail location, and weeding of the native planting bed along Island Crest Way at the corner of SE 68th.

New Business

Chairman Sutherland said she would invite Bob Stagman and Bryan Cairns to the next meeting to present them with gifts from the City and the Trust Board.


The next meeting is scheduled for June 6, 2002. Trustee Owens and Trustee Magnuson cannot attend. Chairman Sutherland will contact the other members to confirm their attendance since five members are needed to constitute a quorum.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

[Important Note: The proceedings of the Open Space Trust Board meeting were recorded on tape and are filed in the Parks & Rec Department. The complete agenda and official minutes of this meeting are also filed in the Parks & Rec Department.]


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