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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Call To Order:

Chair Susan Landon called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm in Room A-4 at the Community Center at Mercerview, 8236 SE 24th Street, Bldg B, Mercer Island, Washington.



Roll Call:

Members Erin Curtiss, James Dugan, Susan Edelheit, Judith Powers Leithe, Philip King, Barry Massoudi, Heidi O’Brien, and Chair Susan Landon were present. City Council member Sven Goldmanis arrived at 8:15 pm.  Members Beth Brennan, June Mulcahy and Margaret Minnick were absent.

Recreation Supervisor Jennifer Berner, Recreation Coordinator, Diane Mortenson, and Administrative Assistant Eileen Trifts were present.




There were no appearances.




It was moved by Member Erin Curtiss to;


Approve Regular Meeting Minutes of December 10, 2003 as written.


It was seconded and the motion passed.



Treasurer’s Report:

Phil King, Treasurer, yielded the floor to Jennifer Berner to explain the new budget figures for 2004. 


Jennifer passed out the 2004 budget which was approved as part of the 2003/2004 biennium budget.  The first page contained organization keys and the remaining budget.  Subsequent pages provide line items of budget to actual organization keys.


Barry Massoudi asked why there was a difference of $20,000 between the 2003 and 2004 budgets.  Jennifer explained that an error had been made when the budget was written and $20,000 was omitted from 2003 Cultural and Performing Arts.  It was caught before it went to the City Council for approval.  When the money was plugged back in, a full $44,000 was put back into the 2003 budget instead of being divided between 2003 and 2004.  The budget handed out, showing $77,000 as the budget for 2004, is correct.


Jennifer also distributed a revenue summary report.  It was agreed that the Gallery Program is the only program that will be affected by the loss of the community center when it closes in May.  Therefore, the revenue projection for the Gallery Program will need to be refigured.  The Arts Council Chair, Gallery Committee Chair and staff will meet to come up with a reasonable projection to give to Finance.



Secretary’s Report:

No Report



Chair’s Report:

Susan gave a brief update on the Veteran’s recognition project.  Council Member, El Jahncke attempted to introduce new verbiage for the “hatband” of the pergola at the last Council Meeting.  However, the vote was six to one in favor of the existing verbiage.  It was noted that the City Council also voted to take the Veteran’s Recognition Project out of the Arts Council 1% funds.  The contract for the project contains a completion timeline.  Both Susan and Jennifer keep in touch with the artist on a regular basis and reported that the project is on schedule.


The 2004 Work Plan and Events Calendar were distributed.  Susan commented that a lot will fall on the Gallery Committee because it will be the most effected by the close of the community center.  She called for discussion regarding the work plan.


Jim Dugan felt the Outdoor Gallery could be more heavily promoted.  He did not expect that it would generate any significant revenues this year.  He also mentioned that he has been unsuccessful in finding interim indoor gallery space.  Phil King suggested some smaller, less expense pieces for display and sale during Summer Celebration in the Outdoor Gallery.


Susan suggested using the star tent as a gallery exhibit during Mostly Music in the Park.  Jim mentioned that this would require set-up of the tent and possibly an added cost for staff, security, set-up and tear down.  Jennifer will check on this.


Jim voiced his concern that the Summer Celebration vendors might be upset if the Arts Council has a show and sells Gallery Art.  Jennifer will talk with Nancy Woo, Special Events Coordinator, to find out what her criteria is for booth space.  Judy Leithe suggested a one-day show instead of overnight at Summer Celebration and making artists responsible for themselves.


Barry Massoudi suggested closing the Gallery during the community center closure in order to free up staff time instead of adding to their already full plate during that time.  Susan agreed and said that is a good reason for looking at Summer Celebration.


Judy Leithe commented that she has arranged for meeting space for the Arts Council at the Library during the community center closure. Jennifer will follow up with the Library Staff to confirm and work out the details.


Judy indicated that she is interested in extending the All Island Book Club program.  She distributed a handout depicting recent and current programs and the associations that are involved, along with the Arts Council, in bringing these programs to the community.  She discussed the possibility of doing some sonnet writing along with a classic film series relating to classic books with professionally led group discussions.  There are also plans for a storytelling event culminating in a major story telling event put on by the King County Library.  She though revenue might possibly come from a grant.  She did feel it would be necessary to expand the budget in order to include the films.  The library and friends of the library have also contributed and there has been discussion of possibly generated more revenue.


Susan Edelheit commented that with an exciting idea like the Shakespeare Festival that we should be able to do a fundraiser.  She felt we do need to have a way of measuring user appreciation and feedback following all of our programs for use in a grant application.


In conclusion, Judy stated that she has so much that can be expanded with the Literary Committee, but that she will need help.


The 2003 Annual Report must be submitted to the City Council in February.  Staff will review what we have for the year and ask for everyone’s augmentation to fill in any holes they discover.  Committee project reports should be submitted for all completed projects.  Keep a copy and give one to staff.  These will be used to compile the annual report.



Performance Arts:

In Beth Brennan’s absence, Diane Mortenson reported on Mostly Music in the Park.  Sponsorship packets have gone out.  We’ve received two back to date for a total of $300.  Beth will be gone for a month, but at the end of February she will have her first meeting to listen to CD’s.


Barry Massoudi suggested adding some items to the 2004 Work Plan.  These included an International Film Fest, Octoberfest, Youth Dance and the possibility of a big gala gathering targeted at raising as much $15-20,000.  Jim also commented that additional programs would require additional man hour resources other than staff, and that anyone seeking to add these types of programs should be prepared to give a large number of personal hours much like Judy does for the Literary Committee.  Jennifer suggested it might also be possible to piggyback some programs on with existing Parks and Recreation programs or looking at other partnerships similar to the one Judy has with the Library.


Susan clarified the process for implementing new programs.  She stated that all of the footwork needs to be completed regarding resources, costs, venue, etc, and then presented to the

Arts Council for approval and, finally, implementation.


Barry was asked to bring proposals for the Teen Dance, Gala Film Festival and Octoberfest with all of the necessary data back to the Council for consideration at their next meeting.



No Report



Public Art:

No Report




Jim Dugan reported that he expects installation of the Giese sculptures to be settled soon.




No Report




Judy distributed copies of the All Island Book Club schedules along with photos depicting some of the events they have had during the past year.



Community Arts:

Erin Curtiss proposed that she, Barry and Judy go to the schools together as a group rather than individually.  Programs for next year include working with the schools and offering our support. 


Erin is still working on the Art Award.  She brought four crystal award samples for the Council to review.  The cost per award will be about $150.  Once Erin has had an opportunity to brainstorm with June Mulcahy about the marketing aspects, she will return with a plan for dissemination and making the public aware of the program.




No Report



Staff Report:

Staff reported that the Gallery Opening scheduled for January has been rescheduled to February 11.



City Council Report:

Sven Goldmanis offered the following list of comments.


  • With regard to the budget, if Tim Eymen proposal passes, our budget will be reduced by two million dollars.
  • He recommended that the Arts Council continue to be involved with the planning of the new community center as there is an art project that is planned as a part of it.
  • He stated that he recently visited the Youth Theatre and that they have three performing areas.  They are very interested in having it exposed.  He didn’t think the cost would be much relative to what the high school charges.
  • With regard to Summer Celebration, he is hopeful that we will put our logo on all of our streets and take credit for it being an Arts Council Program.
  • The City Council retreat is scheduled for February.  If there is anything the Arts council wants them to discuss at the retreat, they should get it to him right away.
  • With regard to the Veteran’s Recognition Project, he admitted that he did trade off the Arts Council 1% fund to El Jahncke.  He wants to be able to go back to him if we need money for future projects and he compromised to assure that he could do so.  If the Arts Council needs money, he asked that they let him know and he will go and fight for it. 
  • He told Arts Council Members that he is there for them if they still want him as their City Council representative.
  • The Ivy Initiative will be on the ballot in the next election.  He is not for it.  He wants it to be put to the people for a vote.  He doesn’t expect it to pass.



Adjournment:               10:55 pm


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