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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Call To Order: 

Chair Susan Landon called the meeting to order at 7:40 pm in Room A-4 at the Community Center at Mercerview, 8236 SE 24th Street, Bldg B, Mercer Island, Washington.



Roll Call:         

Members James Dugan, Judith Powers Leithe, Philip King, Barry Massoudi, Margaret Minnick and Chair Susan Landon were present. Members Beth Brennan, Heidi O’Brien, Erin Curtiss, June Mulcahy and Susan Edelheit were absent.

City Council Member Steve Litzow was present.

Recreation Supervisor Jennifer Berner and Administrative Assistant Eileen Trifts were present.




There were no appearances.




It was moved by James Dugan that the minutes be approved with the following amendment.


Page 3, Performance Arts, second paragraph, second line, delete the 4th word, “Octoberfest”.

Page 3, Performance Arts, 4th paragraph, first line.  Delete the words “Teen Dance” and “and Octoberfest”.  Insert the word “and” between Gala and Film Festival.  On the second line, change the word “their” to “the”.


The motion was seconded and passed.



Treasurer’s Report:

Phil King, Treasurer, distributed an updated Financial Report.  He pointed out that there is no revenue showing to date.  Gallery sales will show up as revenue next month.  The Trust Fund Cash Balance is $134,687.67.




Secretary’s Report:

No Report



Chair’s Report:

Forms for stating Arts Council Committee preferences for the coming year were distributed.  Ballots for March elections and Committee appointments will be constructed from the form results.


The 2004 Work Plan is scheduled to go before the City Council in March.  Susan asked everyone to get their reports in to staff, along with a copy to her, by Monday, February 18. 


An updated draft of the 2003 Annual Report was distributed. 


Susan informed everyone that the meeting time for the Arts Council would need to be moved up once meetings move to the Library as they close at 9:00 pm. 


James Dugan motioned that the meetings held at the Library begin at 6:30 pm.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.



Performance Arts:

Barry Massoudi gave three main reasons for the council to look at some new programs: (1) Tightening Budgets – less funding from traditional sources, (2) Year-round Programming – raising the Arts Council Profile, and (3) Public Fundraising – gaining access to new sources of funding.  He distributed proposals for an International Film Festival and a Gala Fund Raising Event.


The following points are summarized from the discussion of these proposals.

1.   One fundamental problem with fundraising on Mercer Island is the small number of businesses here on the island.  There are many schools, youth groups, sports organizations, scouts, and service groups looking to these few store front businesses for support.   Perhaps we should be looking at suppliers as an alternative.

2.   Barry indicated that he is ready for the council to get specific about his proposals with the caveat that the members realize these proposals are flexible and will in the end be what the council wants them to be.

3.   Susan asked for more specific information regarding the equipment needed for the international film festival proposal.  Barry suggested the Arts Council might want to consider purchasing a projector that can be used by the Literary Committee, film festival and outdoor film festival. Susan suggested a committee could be formed to research this possibility. She asked Jennifer Berner to find out what is being hardwired into the new Community Center rooms.  “Will there be a room that is appropriate for these kinds of programs?”  “Will we have all of the equipment we need – A screen larger than standard, connections for multiple microphones, multiple light switches, etc.?” Jennifer said she will research this and get back to the Arts Council at the next meeting.  She is sure that the planning (for the Community Center) has not yet reached this level of detail.

4.   Barry suggested some strategic alliances could be formed with other organizations here on the Island for these programs.  This would eliminate the need for competition.  Susan suggested a benefit would need to be provided to these other organizations in order for them to want to join forces.

5.   Margaret Minnick stated that she would like to see a business plan with projected costs and revenues for all proposals.


With regard to the Theater Simple performance of 52 Pick Up, Diane Mortenson has put together posters to be placed in the community.  Tickets have been printed and are available at the Parks and Recreation front office.



No Report



Public Art:

Margaret Minnick reported on her meeting with Amy DeDominics and Kate Kolzer from Miller Hull; Greg Brown and Jennifer Berner, City Staff; David Breen, Project Manager; and Susan Edelheit of the Arts Council on December 12th regarding integrating art into the new Community Center.  There are two areas being focused on.  The first is a handrail for the interior stairs and the second, if funds are available after receiving bids for the first project, is the entry plaza.  The handrail is estimated to cost $300 a running foot to fabricate for a total of approximately $42,000.  The artist fee would be added to the fabrication costs, so the total cost would be about $55,000.  Margaret said we will need to find out what is currently budgeted for the handrail and be sure that amount is credited toward the final cost.


Margaret distributed a draft of the Call for Artists Proposals.  It was suggested that the proposal include a front view of the Community Center as well as a rear view on the front of the proposal.


Regarding relocation of existing art pieces at the current Community Center site during construction, Margaret reported that the Totem will be permanently relocated to Roanoke Park.  The Colt, currently located in front of the Community Center will be moved into storage during construction and brought back and worked in with the new landscaping following completion of the new Community Center.


Margaret reported that she will be beginning process of doing an appraisal of the cities current public art collection (pro bono).  This includes listing everything the city owns, how to care for or store it and what de-accessioning opportunities there are.




No Report




No Report




Judy Leithe reported on the upcoming film series.  The Library is supplying the room and the projector at no charge.  The films are on classic books.  The Literary Committee will be putting together a Spring/Summer program – a Shakespearean theatre, working with Wooden O Theatre.  Wooden O Directors will be giving presentations at the Library.



Community Arts:

No Report.




No Report



Staff Report:

Staff reported that the Summer Rec Guide will be coming out in late March.  It will cover June, July and August programs.  The coming changes regarding the Community Center will be highlighted.  Jim Dugan will email information on the outdoor Sculpture Gallery for inclusion in the Rec Guide.



City Council Report:

Council Member, Steve Litzow, gave an update on the budget and a forecast of what we can expect to see in the near future. 


Susan Landon asked him to bring back some information from the City Council Retreat regarding the new Community Center and how rooms that have not yet been defined can be designed so that they will be usable for performances.  He suggested a wish list.  One giving the Arts Council’s preferences and some things that would be useful to have.


Susan also wanted Council Member Litzow to know that the Arts Council is willing to fund or get finding for upgrades, they just would like to be sure that the shell is going to be capable of incorporating them.


Adjournment:               9:40 PM


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