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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Call To Order:

Chair Barry Massoudi called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm in Room A-4 at the Community Center at Mercerview, 8236 SE 24th Street, Bldg B, Mercer Island, Washington.



Roll Call:

Members Beth Brennen, James Dugan, Philip King, Susan Landon, Katalin Pearman and Judith Powers Leithe, City Council member Steve Litzow and Chair Barry Massoudi were present. Members Erin Curtiss, Heidi OíBrien and Margaret Minnick were absent.

Parks & Recreation Director Pete Mayer, Recreation Coordinator Diane Mortenson and Administrative Assistant Eileen Trifts were present.




There were no appearances.




It was moved by Member James Dugan to approve the meeting agenda as presented.  It was seconded and the motion passed.




It was moved by Member James Dugan to;


Approve Regular Meeting Minutes of March 10, 2004 as written.


It was seconded and the motion passed.



Treasurerís Report:

No Report



Chairís Report:

The Chair, Barry Massoudi, welcomed everyone back and congratulated them on their new roles with the Arts Council.  He also welcomed Katalin Pearman as a welcome addition to the Arts Council.


The chair gave a brief review of effective meeting rules.  He asked that information for anticipated motions be submitted at least one meeting in advance so that there was adequate time for review and discussion prior to taking a vote.    He asked that council members raise their hand to speak so that he will be able to keep track of who is next and call them in order.  He also asked that they headline their topics for discussion and keep to the time limits on the agenda.


Barry distributed a summary of the MI Arts Council Steering Team Meeting that was held on April 5, 2004.  Attendees at that meeting included Bryan Cairns, Deputy Mayor; Steve Litzow, Council Member; Richard Conrad, City Manager; Pete Mayer, Parks and Recreation Director; Jennifer Berner, Parks and Recreation Supervisor and himself, Barry Massoudi, Arts Council Chair.  Items of discussion included a review of Arts Council staff hours in 2003, City Council funding level for the Arts Council in 2005 and 2006, and the development by the Arts Council of a process for developing the Mercer Island Cultural Plan.  A copy of this summary is on file in the Parks and Recreation Office.


City Council Member, Steve Litzow clarified that he did not see any reason the City Council would not continue to fund the Arts Council in 2005 and 2006.  If something major occurs that affects the Cityís tax base, this could change.  The City Council cannot actually promise funding, but at the moment he sees no reason that there would be any change.


A revision of the 2004 MI Arts Council Work Plan was next on the agenda.  The discussion centered on reducing the number of staff hours to no more than 1100 in 2004 and beyond.  If we continue as planned, we will be 439 hours over.  A report was distributed by Diane Mortenson which detailed staff time devoted to the Arts Council in 2003.  A copy of the 2004 Work Plan with annotations for estimated staff support hours had already been mailed to Council Members. Further discussion generated the following questions and ideas:



  • What were the 2002 staff and miscellaneous times?
  • What has been the long term trend on staff time usage?
  • How consistent has staff time usage been over the years?
  • Are all staff arts-related activity hours included in the Arts Council hours?
  • What are some of the activities that volunteers can take from staff to reduce staff load?



  • Staff set MIAC office hours.
  • Volunteers can onboard new members versus the staff.
  • Jennifer can segregate her admin time between necessary, desirable, and eliminate categories.
  • Volunteers do the outdoor teen films.
  • Volunteers should be aware of their demands.
  • Staff keep track of their own time and member requests on a monthly basis.
  • Staff should push back on demands that donít result in tangible outcomes.
  • Volunteers should review their committee activities to see what can be eliminated that is currently using staff time.
  • Staff review their activities and determine which can be transferred to volunteers.
  • Hold meetings at an offsite location to avoid using staff time.


Diane Mortenson explained that members need to look at the 2004 Work Plan and see where they (the Arts Council Members) can reduce staff hours.  Beth suggested they each review it more closely and return with their suggestions at the next regularly scheduled meeting.


In the interest of time Susan Landon motioned to move the committee reports up sooner than 9:20 pm.  The motion was seconded and passed,


Barry distributed a Cultural Plan Overview to the Arts Council Members for consideration.  A copy of this overview is on file in the Parks and Recreation Office.



Performance Arts:

Beth Brennan reported that the cost for this yearís bands for Mostly Music In the Park performances is $10,800.  The sound set up will be in addition to this.  Based on the history of sponsorship last year of $12,500, a little more was spent this year.  Sponsors for this year total $4800 to date.  Additional funds are anticipated from sponsors as well as patron donors. Beth distributed a list of the bands, band performance dates and individual costs, sponsors and amounts each donated.




Judy Leithe reported on the summer schedule for the All Island Book Club.  The schedule has been published in the Summer Rec Guide and has been mailed out to members and attendees. Flyers are also posted and available at the Library and Community Center.




No Report.




No Report.



Public Art:                   

Diane Mortenson reported that three artists applied for consideration as a result of the Community Center Stairway Call for Artists.  An Oregon artists has been chosen to continue.  Arts Council members asked for information on the specific panel members that made that decision.  Diane let them know that their names are listed in the Call for Artist that was sent out.  Arts Council Members should all have a copy.


Diane indicated that there is no report on the Sound Transit Art Selection.  Susan Landon said that an artist was chosen for this project several years ago and she was concerned that we may have a contractual obligation to her.  She asked Diane to check on this.




No Report.




Susan Landon reported:

  • Diane has gotten quotes on installation of the John Geise sculptures. 
  • She has contacted all members of the Gallery Committee and they are excited about becoming active again. She reported that they will be a part of the Greenway Discovery Days on Saturday, June 12, from 11 am to 1 pm.
  • With regard to possible gallery venues, she has contacted local businesses about hanging some art. Wells Fargo has indicated that they will be interested once construction is complete.
  • The Veteranís project continues to move forward.
  • The Gallery Committee will be discussing manning of the outdoor gallery for Summer Celebration!  In preparation, Susan will be updating the existing sculpture gallery flyer.


Community Arts:         

No Report.




No Report.



Staff Report:   

No Report.



City Council Report:                

No Report.



Adjournment:   9:00 pm


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