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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Call To Order:

Chair Barry Massoudi called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm at the Mercer Island Library, 4400 88th Ave SE, Mercer Island, Washington.



Roll Call:

Members Margaret Minnick, Beth Brennen, Susan Landon and Judith Powers Leithe, City Councilmember Steve Litzow and Chair Barry Massoudi were present. Members Erin Curtiss, Katalin Pearman and James Dugan were absent.

Recreation Supervisor Jennifer Berner and Administrative Assistant Eileen Trifts were present.




Sally Porter, Managing Librarian

Mercer Island Library


Judy Leithe introduced Sally Porter to other members of the Arts Council and thanked her for the use of the Library for Arts Council meetings during the reconstruction of the Mercer Island Community Center.




It was moved by Member Susan Landon to;


Approve Regular Meeting Minutes of May 12, 2004 as written.


It was seconded and the motion passed.



Treasurer’s Report:

No report



Chair’s Report:

In continuing discussion of possible Arts Council retreat dates, Barry Massoudi suggested a steering committee meet with a facilitator to discuss and decide how the Arts Council wants to move forward.  Following this initial meeting, the full Arts Council would then meet to determine the specifics on how to do so.


Barry felt the work plan should be addressed after the retreat.  It was noted that the presentation of the work plan, originally scheduled for the July City Council meeting, has tentatively been pushed out.


Jennifer Berner will meet with Pete Mayer to clarify.



Public Arts:

At the request of Margaret Minnick, the Public Art Report was moved up in the agenda.


Margaret reported that the Mercer Island Community Center Public Art Committee met on April 22 and again on June 7, 2004.  At the first meeting, the MICC PAC empowered the artist Wayne Chabre to design panels of the arc of the stairway balustrade that incorporates: (1) Traits typical of Chabre’s portfolio of high level of artistry, (2) Sense of place (Mercer Island with potential reference to MI flora & fauna) and (3) humor.  The artist made a presentation of schematic drawings of 10 panels for the balustrade arc of the stair railing at the next meeting.


Margaret brought the schematic drawings to the Arts Council for review. Additionally, the Committee requested that the Council approve 4 additional panels on the short railing leading to the opening of the stairs at an additional cost of $15,000.


The Arts Council was very enthusiastic about the proposal, but had a question about the appearance of the back side of the art work.  Margaret will try to obtain a photo of the backside of some of the artist’s similar work.  She stated that it will be unfinished and this is a valid concern.


Following further discussion regarding the 4 additional panels requested by the Art Committee and the additional $15,000 to complete them along with $65,000 for the original 10 panels, Steve Litzow recommended that the Arts Council ask the City Council for the full $80,000 to complete this project rather than separating it into two requests.


Susan Landon motioned to spend $80,000 on all 14 panels.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.




Judy Leithe reported that the All Island Book Club had a very successful evening on June 8.  Coming attractions include two more films and Summer Celebration! Mid Evil Village and Jousting Match.


Judy met with Katalin, who is the new Performing Arts Chair, and reported that they will probably be combining their programs.


Judy has plans to expand Tames Allen presentations.  Tames has written a new “Midevil” cookbook that Judy wants to explore.




No Report




No Report



Performance Arts:

Beth Brennan reported that the new brochure for Mostly Music in the Park has been printed.  The first mailing will be in utility bills going out tomorrow.  A sign (10’ x 3-1/2’), as discussed at the last Arts Council meeting, will be going up in the same space as the current sign at Mercerdale Park.  It will stay up through the end of the concern season (August 15).


Sponsorships have brought in $8,900 to date.  More is expected.  The amount spent to date is around $10,000.  Beth said they expect to break even.




No Report




Susan Landon reported that Judy Leithe will be representing the Arts Council in the Outdoor Gallery from 11 am to 1 pm for Greenway Discovery Days.


Susan said that two new pieces by John Geiss are now on display at the 77th Avenue Freeway entrance to Mercer Island.  Next week two additional pieces by Louise McDowell will be installed.  A new gallery sign will go up advertising that these pieces are for sale.


The Pergola permit has not yet been awarded.  The engineer is out of town until June 14.  The artist said that it will take up to six weeks for construction.  Depending on when the last permit is issued, he may not be able to do it until after the end of the concert season.



Community Arts:

No Report.




No Report



Staff Report:

No Report



City Council Report:

Steve Litzow reported that the Council starts work on the budget on Monday.  The effect of the Tim Eyman initiative is still unclear, so two budgets will be drafted – one for either contingent.  If this initiative passes and applies to Mercer Island, it would mean a difference of $2,000,000 in the budget. This is huge.



Adjournment:   8:05 pm



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