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Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Call To Order:

Chairman Ron Kaufman called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM in the Council Chambers of City Hall, 9611 SE 36th St. Mercer Island, WA. 



In Attendance:

Ron Kaufman, Robert Sexton, Bob Burd, Benjamin Levie.



Council Liaison:

El Jahncke




No appearances




The Minutes of the May 22, 2001 meeting were approved with the following changes.

1.       Bob Burd was not in attendance at the May 22, 2001 meeting.

2.       Item number 3. The Utility Board was informed that a letter was sent to Eastside Disposal Customers updating the policy on private drive pick-up. The Board asked staff to send them a copy of the letter.

3.       Utility Board meeting May 22, 2001 adjourned at 9:38 PM


Regular Business:


Item 1   Discussion and setting of water rate increase for 2002.


Finance Director Joanne Sylvis recommended a rate increase between 3.5% and 4.5%.  The increase is to cover higher wages next year and the increased cost of water purchased from Seattle.


It was moved by Utility Board Member Bob Burd to increase water rates by 3.5 percent; seconded by Utility Board Member Ben Levie.  The motion passed unanimously.


It was moved by Utility Board Member Robert Sexton to continue the Water Surcharge rate for 2002 for the same surcharge rate and the same period as 2001 (June 1 through September 30, 2002); seconded by Utility Board Member Bob Burd. The motion passed unanimously.


Next year the Utility Board will review revenue to assess whether continued conservation necessitates a higher increase.


Item 2   Discussion of Metro increase and planned Storm Water increase.


Joanne Sylvis informed the Utility Board that King County Metro increased the K.C Sewage Treatment rate from $19.75 per month to $23.40 for 2002. The Metro portion of the bill amounts to 2/3 of the operating costs of the Utility and is passed through to the customers in total.  There is no proposed increase in the City portion of the sewer rate.


Ms. Sylvis discussed the intent to increase Storm Water rates as proposed and approved in the 2001-2002 Management and Budget Policy.  The rate would change from $11.10 per equivalent service unit to $11.85 per month. 


This was an informational item only to update the board members. 


Item 3   Utility Board meetings for 2002


Ms. Sylvis proposed regular quarterly Utility Board meetings for 2002.  Proposed dates are February 12, May 14, August 27, and October 29.  The main agenda item of the October meeting will be a discussion of any water rate increase needed for 2003.  The Board agreed that regularly scheduled meetings are a good idea.


Utility Board adjourned at 9:27pm


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