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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Call To Order:

Chairman Ron Kaufman called to order the regular meeting of the Utility Board on June 16th, 7:05 p.m. in the Council Chambers @ City Hall, 9611 S.E. 36th St., Mercer Island, WA.


In Attendance:

Ron Kaufman, Chairman, John Ewald, Vice Chairman, Robert Sexton, Benjamin Levie, Ron Rosie, David Landes, & Joel Massmann


Council Liaison:

 El Jahncke


Staff Present:

Joanne Sylvis, Glenn Boettcher, Anne Tonella-Howe, Rona Lin, Patrick Yamashita, Francie Lake, Suzanne Riddell, Terry Winkel



The Minutes of the May 25, 2004, meeting were approved with the following corrections: 

Page 2:  “Ron Rosie made a motion to recommend a monthly rate increase of $.60 in 2005 and 2006 and to …”

Page 2: The motion was seconded by Benjamin Levie and approved unanimously.”



Ken Goettel & John Eidinger


Regular Business:


·         Utility Vulnerability Assessment Recommendations


John Eidinger, G & E Engineering Systems, submitted and summarized the draft report of the Benefit-Cost Analyses of Seismic Improvement Programs for the Water System (Attachment A).  Four potential packages of seismic improvements were developed, the resulting annualized losses were determined, two scenarios regarding interruption of SPU’s water supply to Mercer Island were made and the impacts were compared to the costs of each seismic improvement program.  Discussion followed.  John advised the Board that further study of the Seattle Fault is needed and suggested that the Board/staff request additional conversations with SPU regarding water supply restoration after a seismic event. Glenn invited the Board to the June 29th quarterly Emergency Management meeting.


Ken Goettel submitted and summarized the Water Utility Vulnerability Assessment draft report (Attachment B).  Discussion followed.  An Emergency Response Plan needs to be developed & submitted within 6 months. The Board was reminded that EPA mandated the study and requires the written assessment/draft be submitted by June 30. Glenn advised the Board that Federal funding exists for mitigation of identified seismic hazards and the Board encouraged staff to apply. 


·         Water Budget


The Board reviewed the 2005/2006 Water Utility draft budget.  Discussion followed.  Glenn advised that Phase 1 of the Telemetry Improvement Project will be completed this summer.  Several of the items identified in the P1 and P2 seismic improvement programs have been included in the proposed budget. 


The general consensus of the Board is that the “Water Utility House,” at 2976 74th Ave. SE, should not be converted to a neighborhood park.


Joanne gave a brief review of the Water Fund revenue projections and stated that a 3% increase in the SPU wholesale rate has been included in the draft budget. SPU will make a final rate decision in September.  The Board asked that Exhibit 3 be updated to reflect 2003 actual amounts and copies distributed at the next Utility Board meeting.


Ron Rosie made a motion to recommend a rate increase of 3% as proposed in Exhibit 4.  The motion was seconded by Robert Sexton and unanimously approved.  Robert requested that Exhibit 4 be revised to reflect the fiscal policy reserve for 2005/06 and to show the appropriate reduction in operating costs.


Upcoming Meetings:

July 13, Sewer Utility Budget, to include a GIS presentation by Mike Onzay

July 20, Sewer Utility Budget (2nd meeting, if needed)


Off Agenda Items:

Staff distributed copies of the revised Stormwater Fund Revenues & Expenses report (Attachment C) as requested at the 5/25 meeting.


The Board adjourned into Executive Session at 10:25 p.m.



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