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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Call To Order:

Chair Barry Massoudi called the meeting to order at 6:40 pm at the Mercer Island Library, address, Mercer Island, Washington.


Roll Call:

Present: Barry Massoudi, Susan Landon, Judy Leithe, Katalin Pearman, Margaret Minnick, Sandra Schilling, and Councilman Steve Litzow.  Absent:  Erin Curtiss, Beth Brennen

Staff Present: Jennifer Berner, Eileen Trifts



Richard Hart, Development Services, City of Mercer Island and Design Commission member.

George Wittman, Mercer Island Design Commission.

Carol Valenta, Sound Transit Park & Ride

Julie Berger, Artist for Mercer Island Park & Ride

Erik Beckman, Project Manager for Mercer Island Park & Ride


Carol Valenta gave a brief overview of the Sound Transit Art Program and presented some examples of work that has been completed.  One percent of the construction costs for Sounds Transit projects are set aside for art that is integrated into the project.  The budget for the Mercer Island Park & Ride is $150,000. 


Erik Beckman gave a brief overview of the site plan – a 450 stall, two level garage with a low relief.  They are currently at about 30% in design, and in the midst of negotiating the final design contract.


Julie Berger presented her initial design concepts for her artwork.  She is interested in a “migration” theme and in using sculpture pieces reminiscent of “ghost ships”.  There will definitely be two, if budget allows three, sculptures, aprox 9-12’ tall.  One on either side of the main entrance, near the plaza, and, if budget allows, another across the street.  The sculptures will be lit from within.  Additionally, the guard rails will consist of 10’x3’ screen panels with glass and images to give the idea of migration on the whole south side of the parking lot.  Lighting is planned to illuminate the panels.


Suggestions from the design team included reconsidering the scale for the sculptures and perhaps making them 12 to 15’ – monumental in size.  Liked the idea of integrated lighting and hope it will be more powerful than the models depict.  Also, suggested more detail be done on the screens prior to bringing it before the Design Commission.  They were very happy with the decision to do the third sculpture and link it to the downtown area by placing it across the street.



It was moved by member Susan Landon to;

Approve Regular Meeting Minutes of October 13, 2004 as written.

It was seconded and the motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report:

Jennifer Berner a financial report, and explained that encumbrances have been cleared in preparation for the end of the year.  A total of $1,020 has been put back into the remaining budget.    Revenues stand at about $25,000, and the Trust Fund Balance is $85,424.



Chair’s Report:

Barry handed out an Arts Council budget overview breaking down the budget by category.    He pointed out that fixed costs for salaries, wages and benefits totaled 49%.  The remaining 51% encompasses supplies, services, expenses, advertising/printing, and tuition/registration expenses.  He further broke down the budget vs. actual expenditures by category and program.  He suggested that the Arts Council needs to look at having more fund raisers.


There was some discussion of a Public Art master Plan.  This plan would look at public art pieces, look at sites, and give some idea of how to proceed in the future.  Susan Landon would like it to include not just public art, but a sense of how we could integrate art with all of the development downtown, which is private art.  Barry has had several conversations with UW professors who would like to provide this service as a graduate student project.  The estimated cost would be about $700.


It was agreed that a contract containing clear expectations and goals, as well as the cost, would need to be drawn up.  Once that is accomplished, it can be brought back to the Arts Council for consideration for approval.


Barry announced that the Arts Council retreat has been scheduled for November 22.  Staff has reserved Council Chambers at City Hall for this purpose.  Barry distributed a draft of his ideas for agenda items for the retreat. 


Barry gave a brief update on the King County Performance Network.


Performance Arts:                               

No Report.



Judy and Katalin reported that the LCD projector is working out wonderfully.  They are beginning to plan the winter film schedule.



Jennifer distributed an update of timesheet hours and asked everyone to look it over and give her any changes, corrections or updates.



No Report.


Public Art:                   

No Report.



No Report.



Susan reported that she continued to work with the city to develop screening that will wrap the SEKO Development site from view.  SEKO agreed to pay $30,000 for 100’ of screening.  A competition for students and/or children of Mercer Island grades K-12 to submit artwork is in process.  The flyer will come out on Friday, November 12 with digital format submissions due by December 17.


Community Arts:

No Report.



No Report.


Staff Report:   

Arts Council retreat scheduled for November 22 in the Council Chambers at City Hall.  Lunch will be catered.  A continental breakfast will also be provided. 


City Council Report:                

Steve Litzow distributed a copy of the final City budget breakdown.  He advised that the first public forum on planning the future of Luther Burbank Park is scheduled for this Saturday.  The city asked experts to provide information on impact over a broad range – from don’t touch a blade of grass to putting in a Marina – and to provide projections on the impact, projected revenue from each activity and whether or not it would be worth it in the end.  Consultants have advised that the bottom line with respect to revenue generating activity with low or no impact is not likely. 

Steve advised that there is a survey/comment form on the Website if anyone wanted to participate.  Emails to Rich Conrad or Steve are also good ways to be heard.

In closing, Steve said that even if nothing is touched at Luther Burbank, some capital is needed to shore up erosion on the north tip, do something with the foundation of the old cow barn, and continued maintenance.  He also said commercial development is not an option, that it will always be a park.


Adjournment:   8:30 pm


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