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Administrative Interpretations

Community Planning & Development Administrators are sometimes required to interpret the City's development codes in order to provide further clarification. Please see the following Administrative Interpretations for further information.

Number  Subject Date Issued
18-02 Repairs of Non-Conforming Moorage Facilities 11/05/2018
18-01 Home Businesses in the Town Center 03/12/2018
16-01 Building Pads 07/05/2016
12-04 Existing Grade for Calculation of Basement Area Exclusion                         01/09/2013
12-02 Use of Property for Boarding Horses 08/21/2012
11-01 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations 02/15/2011
08-02 Private Gymnasium in a Single Family Zone 09/15/2008
08-01 Impervious Surface Calculations for the PEAK Project 02/01/2008
07-07 Off-Street Parking Requirements in MF Zone 12/27/2007
07-06 Future WCF Collocation Requirements 11/14/2007
07-02 40 Percent Exterior Wall Modification Limitation 04/02/2007
07-01 Including attached garages in Basement Area Exclusion 02/01/2007
06-13 Legally Separate Lots, Transfer of Property to City for Parks & Rec 12/19/2006
06-11 10' Building Setback from Vehicluar Access Easement 11/02/2006
06-10 Gross Floor Area  Calculations Margin of Error 10/25/2006
06-09 Private Access Roads - Sunset Ridge Plat 10/03/2006
06-03 On-Land Airplane Storage in Residential Zones 04/18/2006
06-02 Fund Raisers Allowed for  Non-Residential Uses in Residential Zones 04/17/2006
05-03 Dog Grooming as Permitted Use in MF-2 06/24/2005
04-04 Average Building Elevation Prior to Any Development 08/09/2004
04-02 Temporary Use Permits in Town Center 06/28/2004
04-01 Legally Nonconforming Policy Interpretation 04/02/2004
03-01 Determination of Lot Area for Waterfront Lots 02/21/2003
01-09 Allowable Use of Existing Approved Parking for Metro in Res. Zone 03/28/2001
01-07 Interp. Radio Antennas different than WCF's and Dish Ant. 02/01/2001
00-06 Building Occupancy Prior to Permit Final 12/04/2000
00-05 Interpretation of Ancillary Uses Allowed by Right or Cond. Use 12/04/2000
00-02 Short Plat Vacations 05/15/2000
00-01 ADU Policy Statement & Policy Interpretation 04/10/2000

With the recent adoption of new residential development standards (Ordinance No. 17C-15), the Development Services Director reviewed all current administrative code interpretations for their continued applicability. 
The following interpretations are repealed based on the reasoning included in each document below.
Number  Subject Date Repealed
99-01 REPEALED-Minimum Lot Size for Buildable Lots  04/15/2020
00-03 REPEALED-Removal of Existing Non-Conforming Accessory Structures 01/08/2018
00-04 REPEALED-Number of Stories & Height of Structures in Town Center 01/08/2018
01-08 REPEALED-Admin. Design Review of Minor Signs Modifications 01/08/2018
02-10 REPEALED-Nonconforming Structures 01/08/2018
03-02 REPEALED-Town Center - Outdoor Retail Uses Not Permitted 01/08/2018
04-03 REPEALED-Subdivision Building Pad and Lot Dimension Requirements 01/08/2018
05-01 REPEALED-Roof Height in Residential - Downhill Side Measurement 01/08/2018
05-02 REPEALED-Loss of Legally Nonconforming Status for Docks 01/08/2018
06-01 REPEALED-WCF's Allowed in B Zone Following Standards for PBZ Zone 01/08/2018
06-04 REPEALED-Appurtenances Allowed in SF Zones also permitted in MF Zones 01/08/2018
06-05 REPEALED-Building Setbacks for Irregularly Shaped Lots 01/08/2018
06-06 REPEALED-Gross Floor Area Exemptions Other Than Basements 11/25/2013
06-07 REPEALED-Authority to Grant Final Short Plat Approval 01/08/2018
06-08 REPEALED-Impervious Surface Calculations Margin of Error 01/08/2018
06-12 REPEALED-Impervious Surface Deviation Criteria for Approval 01/08/2018
07-03 REPEALED-Determining Whether a Lot Complies with the Lot Area 01/08/2018
07-04 REPEALED-Buffer Requirements for Piped Watercourses 01/08/2018
07-05 REPEALED-Impervious Surface Calculations for Single Family Lots 01/08/2018
08-03 REPEALED- Roof Eave Overhangs and Gutters Over Existing Impervious Surfaces 01/08/2018
12-01 REPEALED-Interpretation of the Standards for Stormwater Detention 01/08/2018
REPEALED- Calculation of Lot Coverage on a Single Family Lot with a Vehicular Access Easement 01/08/2018
13-01 REPEALED-Gross floor area exemptions, other than basements 01/08/2018
14-01 REPEALED-Shoreline Conditional Use Permits 01/08/2018
14-02 REPEALED-Impervious Surface Deviation Review Criteria 01/08/2018
17-01 REPEALED-Allowed Uses in I-90 Right of Way 12/07/2017


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