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3030 78th Avenue SE
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City of Mercer Island / Fire Department / Community Risk Reduction / Fire Prevention for Families with Kids

Fire Prevention for Families with Kids

Fire Prevention and Kids
Fire Prevention and Kids

Teach children what fire is really like.

Real fire isn’t like the fire kids see in movies. Real fire is hotter, darker and faster than most people realize. Especially kids. Help you children understand fire’s truly dangerous nature and they’ll be more likely to treat fire with respect.

Matches and lighters: Out of sight. Out of reach.

Sadly, a number of children who die in fires set them all by themselves. Keeping matches and lighters hidden where kids can’t reach them is still on of the most effective methods of fire prevention. Remember: Out of sight, out of reach, out of danger.

Keep a closer eye.

Children seem to have a natural curiosity about fire. When they’re under your supervision, it’s important to know what they’re doing at all times. And if you leave children to the care of other adults, be sure to discuss fire play and safety issues beforehand.

Understanding fire play.

Children play with fire for different reasons. Most are merely curious. Some are trying to get attention. Still others may have more serious issues which need to be addressed. Talk to your children about fire and other family issues affecting them. It’s important to remember that fire play, like all behavior. Is affected by your child’s overall emotional well-being.

If your child engages in fire play and you could use some help with your response to this challenging issue call us at 206.275.7607.

To get insight from the experts, view this Residential Fire Prevention Guide for important safety tips to keep your family safe.  


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