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Community Center Project

Click here for information on the new Community Center at Mercer View.

The City of Mercer Island built new community center at the site of the existing Community Center at Mercerview (CCMV).

The new center replaced the old CCMV building, which was constructed in 1960 as an elementary school. The building served the Island well, but its systems were failing and the facility could no longer function efficiently and safely. The new center enables the services and programs to continue operating. And it added recreational and meeting spaces to meet the current needs of Island residents.

This new plan was quite different from the 1998 design. Although that proposal failed to gain voter approval, the old community center facility still needed to be replaced.

In September 2002, the City Council set into motion a series of design and research steps aimed at developing a new community center proposal. Early on, the Council determined that the Council itself would be the prime decision maker concerning the Center and that using the information assembled in the 1998 Community Center project as a starting point for a new proposal would provide value in design as well as cost savings. The Center was to continue to be a multi-generational facility, sited on the Mercer View property and housing meeting spaces, recreational (gymnasium) functions, day care/pre-school activities, and arts/crafts. The primary watch words since the project began last fall was lower costs, smaller facility, quality design and construction and keep all functions and parking on the Mercer View site.

The Council adopted "Purpose and Intent Statement" says:
Mercer Island’s future community center will be a public gathering place for citizens of all ages. Seniors, young children, teens and adults will have available to them the activities and programs offered at the center. It will first and foremost provide the services for the citizens of Mercer Island. The center will be the community’s primary civic meeting center addressing recreational, educational, and cultural interests for all Mercer Islanders. It will also be a meeting place for organizations, individuals and for public events.


Click on any of the below items for more information:

Project Budget & Schedule

Design Development - Complete

Design Commission Review

Mercer View Demolition

Review Committee - Complete

Schematic Design Phase - Complete

Traffic Study - Complete

Value (Engineering) Analysis - Complete



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