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Plan Review

Plan Review In Action
Plan Review In Action

When is Plan Review required?

The following types of projects require plan review before a permit can be issued:

  • New single family residences
  • Additions or remodels
  • Commercial tenant improvements
  • New commercial or multi-family buildings
  • Commercial or multi-family electrical, mechanical, and plumbing work
  • Demolition projects
  • Fire sprinkler systems
  • Projects in the Right of Way (ROW)
  • Site development projects
  • All other work that does not qualify for a simple Over the Counter permit (see permit types).

Inquire with our Customer Service Team (CST) at (206) 275-7605 if you have questions regarding your project.

Going Green! Effective July 1, 2016 ALL plans must be submitted electronically. Click here to be redirected to our page for electronic submittal: MIePlan

The Plan Review Process

Pre-Application Meeting: The City of Mercer Island requires a pre-application meeting for the following land use applications and projects:

 All new commercial projects or additions, or major tenant improvements that require major design    review;
 All shoreline substantial development, conditional use, and variance applications;
 All short plat or short plat alteration applications;
 All long plat or long plat alteration applications;
 All zoning variances and reasonable use exceptions.

For more information, click here.

Intake Screening: Intake screenings may be required on certain projects. For more information, click here. The intake screening can be performed at the permit center by calling to schedule an appointment at (206) 275-7605 or it can be performed electronically via the MIePlan process.

Plan Preparation: Prepare your plans, permit forms, and supplemental information (i.e engineering calculations, geotechnical report, etc) as per the Submittal Checklist, Codes and Design Criteria, and Electronic Plan Requirements

Plan Submittal: Plans can be submitted online via the electronic plan review process MIePlan.

Plan Review and Resubmittal of corrected plans: Your plans are reviewed for conformance with regulations pertaining to five separate disciplines: Tree review, Fire review, Land Use review, Civil review, and Building review. To reduce the overall processing time, separate comments from each plan review discipline are sent to you immediately after each review is completed. This provides you with the opportunity to coordinate and forward the City comments to your appropriate design team member as early as possible.  However, you must coordinate your design team responses before resubmitting the plans.

Plan Approval/Permit Issuance: After the plan review comments have been adequately addressed, you will receive your permit. An approved copy of the plans must be maintained at the job site at all times.
Plan Review Target Times: Click here to access a page that shows the target time frame until your initial plan review is conducted (as determined from the date your application materials are approved at  intake screening).
Plan Review Status: You can check your plan review status by going online at or by calling Customer Service Team (CST) at the permit center at (206) 275-7605.
Get to know your City Staff!
Please feel free to contact members of the Building Team with your permit questions. Our Building Plans Examiners at Mercer Island are registered or have a degree in engineering or architecture. The team has substantial experience in building design, construction, plan review, and has earned multiple ICC/ICBO Certifications as Building Plans Examiner, Building Inspector, Plumbing Inspector, Mechanical Inspector, etc. To get in contact with the City Staff, contact CST at (206) 275-7605.


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