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Electronic Plan Review (MIePlan)

MIePlan is Easy!

What do I need?
You will need to have either the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, which can be downloaded here, or you may use Adobe Acrobat, the full featured upgrade to Reader, which can be purchased here. You will need one of these software products to "Publish" (or post) your replies and comments to the Cloud.

Using MIePlan?

  1. MIePlan Preparation: Prepare your plans, permit forms, and supplemental information to allow for electronic plan review.
    1. Combine the architectural, civil, and structural plans in to one pdf.
    2. Bookmark each sheet (ie. A1.1 Site Plan). Please use our helpful tip sheet on how to bookmark plans.
    3. Prepare required permit forms. Do NOT combine them in to one pdf.
  2. MIePlan Submittal: Submit your plans, forms, and supplemental documents online at
  3. To log on
    1. Username guest
    2. Password eplan
  4. Creating a Folder:
    1. Click on “Inbox”
    2. Create a new folder for your project.
    3. Name the folder your project’s permit number, address, or parcel number.
    4. Open the folder you just created by clicking on it.
    5. Click “Upload files”, then select your plan set, permit forms, and supplemental documents.
    6. If you need more detailed instructions on how to upload or create a folder use our submittal instructions.

(Please note that materials uploaded to the sftp site are copied onto the City servers and then deleted from the sftp inbox. The applicant will be contacted via email about whether the application was accepted or whether additional items are needed. The applicant should receive this email with a week of submitting the application, along with the initial payment required.) 

  1. MIePlan Review: Each Plan Reviewer marks up their comments directly onto your submitted ePlans. After each reviewer has completed their review, they will Publish the comments to the Cloud for you and your consultants review. Reviewers will send an email notification when these comments are available.
  2. MIePlan Reply and Resubmittal: After all the review disciplines have Published their comments, you will "Reply" to each comment and push the “Publish Comments” button to send your replies to our server, then resubmit your corrected plans to for review. If you need help replying to any of your comments please use our "reading and replying to MIePlan how to".
  3. MIePlan Approval and Permit Issuance: Once all of the plan review comments have been adequately addressed, an approval stamp is digitally encrypted onto the ePlans. The project contact will then be sent an email to let them know the permit is ready to be paid for and picked up. Once the permit has been paid for and issued our CST team will make the plans available for download from Make sure there is a hardcopy of these approved plans for posting at the job site.
What about revisions to an already approved and issued building permit?
Revised ePlans must be submitted electronically.  Ensure that all impacted plan sheets, permit forms, and related supplemental documents are updated as needed. 
  1. Fill in the Plan Revision/Resubmittal Form found on our forms page here
  2. Combine all architectural, civil, and structural plan sheets impacted by the revision into one pdf. 
  3. Upload the following to – see above instructions for the upload.
    1. Revised plan set
    2. The Plan Revision/Resubmittal Form
    3. Any updated forms
    4. Any updated supplemental documents

Click here for Target Times

Click here for Codes and Design Criteria

Click here for an information sheet about electronically submitting Land Use applications.

Other Questions about MIePlan?
The City has put together a few short video tutorials that provide an overview of the MIePlan process. It is recommended you watch each one to get a feel for how the MIePlan review process works. We think you'll agree that this is a much easier and efficient way to perform plan review.

Tutorial One: Navigating Adobe Reader

Tutorial Two: Initiating an ePlan Review

Tutorial Three: Correction Round Instructions

We would appreciate hearing from you regarding your experience using MIePlan. Please feel free send an email to


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