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Town Center Visioning Interim Report

A message from City Manager Noel Treat:

Aug 31, 2015 - I’m pleased to release the Town Center Visioning and Development Code Update Interim Report to the community.  This report is a statement of work completed to date on a project launched last year by the City to ensure that our City Development Code delivers the type of development we want to see in Town Center.
A 42-member Stakeholder Group was convened in March of this year to provide input and ideas on how to accomplish this goal.  The Stakeholder Group has met seven times, and in addition, the City conducted five community meetings on the topic of Town Center development.   Stakeholder Group members have each had an opportunity to provide detailed comment on a draft of this report, and as issued today, it reflects many of their comments. 
The conversation at the Stakeholder Group meetings was robust and generated a wide range of views on both major policy issues and technical details about code language.  There was strong consensus on many issues, but many points on which disagreement was registered.   One main take-away from this report is that “the Town Center Vision as adopted in 1994 remains strong and the basic outlines of that vision do not need to change.”
This Interim Report also sets out a wealth of other detailed ideas generated by the community and the Stakeholder Group for how to improve the Development Code so that we are more likely to achieve the vision for Town Center.  The ideas are in six key areas:
•            Retail Frontage Requirements
•            Street Frontage Use and Improvement Standards
•            Public Open Spaces
•            Building Height Limits
•            Mid-Block Pedestrian Connections
•            Incentives Program: Proposed Mandatory and Elective Building Components
Final action on the Town Center Development Code is still several months —and a lot of technical work— away, and will also involve additional opportunities for public comment: I encourage everyone to remain engaged as the process moves ahead.
The City Council will be reviewing the draft vision for the future of Town Center at its upcoming September 8 meeting, and we anticipate the City’s public process consultant will provide recommendations about next steps in the Visioning process at Council’s September 21 meeting.
If you have questions or comments on the Interim Report, please use our online comment form.

Click here to read the Interim Report



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