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Ride Share Pilot Program with Lyft & Uber

Background (Pilot Ended Oct 2018)

Ride Share; click to download 2-page flyer
Starting on April 23, 2018, the City launched a 6-month ride share pilot program to help commuters access the Mercer Island Park & Ride (8000 North Mercer Way) without the need for a personal vehicle.  As regional parking pressure increases, all 447 stalls now fill up by 7:00am on most weekdays. With nowhere to leave their car, many people who want to board an express bus towards Seattle or Bellevue are forced instead to drive to their final destination. Click here for a 2-page program flyer. [NOTE: This pilot and the promotional prices have now ended]

This program is one of many mobility solutions that the City is exploring to assist with “first-mile & last-mile” connections to regional transit. This adds commuter options, helps reduce reliance on Single Occupant Vehicles (SOV’s), reduces congestion, and can lessen greenhouse gas emissions.

Haga clic aquí para ver este webapge en español.

The Details

  • Starts April 23, 2018 (Ended Oct 31, 2018)
  • Covers on-Island travel only
  • Available Monday-Friday, 24 hours/day
  • All rides must originate or terminate at the MI Park & Ride (8000 North Mercer Way)


  • Cost to each rider (phase 1: Through July 31): Flat fee of $2 per person, per ride
  • Cost to each rider (phase 2: August 1-October 31): Flat fee of $2 per shared ride, $5 per solo ride

How To Try It

1) Download the app for each provider.
2) Decide whether to ride solo or shared.
3) For Uber: the discount will appear for qualifying itineraries
     For Lyft: enter the following codes once into the promos section of the app, then the discount will 
     appear: 2LYFTMI: for $2 shared rides​; 5LYFTMI: for $5 classic rides (solo)


Can I book ahead? 
Yes, both vendors allow scheduling at least 7 days in advance

What if I don’t have a smartphone?
Someone else with a smartphone can arrange your ride

What’s the minimum age to ride?
Both vendors currently require passengers to be 18 or older

What happens to the price after the pilot ends?
The City will evaluate usage and adoption, and determine the need for ongoing program sponsorship

Even though the ride is discounted, can I leave a tip?
Both vendors now allow optional tipping via their apps

Can I make a stop along the way?
No, these are direct rides only

How does "shared ride" work?
To get the $2 shared ride fare, you must select the shared ride option from each vendor. Sometimes, your vehicle will stop along the route to collect 1 or 2 other riders. Other times, there may not be another rider with a matching itinerary; in these cases you will still receive the shared fare for being willing to share the vehicle.


Contact Information

For Lyft or Uber support — Use the Help function in each app
For comments to the City — Please Email Project Manager 


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