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Bikeshare Pilot Program with LimeBike

Background (Pilot Ended Oct 2018)

Click to download the Bikeshare flyer
Starting on July 16, 2018, the City of Mercer Island launched a 3-month free-floating bikeshare pilot program intended to provide new mobility options for residents commuting to and from the Park & Ride (8000 N Mercer Way), as well as other users who may wish to conduct errands or travel around the Island car-free, as a supplement to local public transit options. [NOTE: Although this pilot has now ended, LimeBike continues to operate on the Island with City permission.]

For three months, the City and bikeshare provider LimeBike are offering a fleet of 25 electric-assist rental bicycles available to any rider. Bicycles will be restocked at key locations (ďhubsĒ) daily, but may be ridden anywhere, and parked at any legal, public location. Click here for a 2-page program flyer

This program is offered in addition to the Cityís rideshare pilot program (with Lyft and Uber) as another way to help reduce Single Occupant Vehicle (SOV) usage, decrease congestion, and improve mobility options. 

The Details

  • Starts July 16, 2018 (Pilot ends Oct 17, 2018)
  • All bikes in the pilot are electric-assist models that are easier to pedal and ride uphill
  • Bikes are available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week
  • Bikes will be restocked daily at hubs around Mercer Island 


  • Normal LimeBike E-Bike rates apply: $1 to unlock, then 15cents/minute to ride

How To Try It
A LimeBike electric-assist model at City Hall

1) Download the LimeBike app and set up an account
2) Look for an available bike on the map
3) Scan or enter the bikeís plate number to unlock
4) Ride and enjoy! (we recommend you strap on a helmet)
5) Responsibly park bike in a legal, public location
6) Lock the bikeís back wheel and sign out of the app



Can I make a reservation?
No, itís a first come, first served program; find bikes on the LimeBike app

Where can I park my bike?
Park responsibly on City-owned property out of harmís way. Do NOT block sidewalks, driveways, doorways, wheelchair ramps, bus stops, etc. Use the kickstand to park the bike upright.
View LimeBike parking guidelines

Do I need a helmet?
We recommend you wear a helmet but users must supply their own. Learn about helmet laws here.

Where can I ride?
The same rules apply as with personal bicycles; please do not ride these electric-assist bikes on Town Center sidewalks.

What if I leave the Island?
Bikes may be ridden off-Island; LimeBike will corral bikes daily back to Mercer Island hub locations.

What's the difference between an electric-assist bike and a pedal bike?
Electric assist bikes still require users to pedal, but have a small battery-powered motor that helps a wider range of users travel by bike, especially up hills.

Who will come move a bike that's improperly parked?
For this pilot project, LimeBike has committed to the following response times:
Safety-related parking issues: 2 hours from 6am to midnight, and 4 hours from midnight to 6am
Other parking issues: within 24-hours


Contact Information

For LimeBike support or bike parking complaints: 1-888-546-3345 or
For general comments to the City: Email Sustainability Manager 

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