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City Council - Agenda
Monday, November 21, 2005

7:30 pm: Call to Order & Roll Call


7:31 pm: Special Business

Resolution Acknowledging Carrie George

Resolution Acknowledging John Fry

Mercer Island - Thonon Les Bains Sister City Resolution


7:45 pm: Appearances


7:55 pm: Minutes

Special Meeting Minutes of November 3, 2005

Regular Meeting Minutes of November 7, 2005


7:57 pm: Consent Calendar

Payables: $ 1,319,226.24     Payroll: $ 483,072.03


Regular Business

8:00 pm: AB 4027: Day Care Facilities Code Amendments (1st Reading)

9:00 pm: AB 4029: Critical Areas Ordinance (2nd Reading) SEE BELOW FOR DOCUMENTS

10:00 pm: AB 4028:Mid-Biennial Budget Review: Budget Adjustments, Property Taxes & Rates

11:00 pm: AB 4026: 2006 Business License Fee and B&O Tax Rate


11:30 pm: Other Business

Councilmember Absences

Planning Schedule

Board Appointments

Councilmember Reports



Click here for:

         Agenda Bill 4029

         Exhibit 1

         Exhibit 2

         Exhibit 3

         Exhibit 4

1.       Inventoried Watercourses and/or Streams Map

2.       Erosion Hazard Map

3.       Seismic Hazard Map

4.       Landslide Hazard Map

5.       Properties Affected by Bald Eagle Nests Map

         Exhibit 5 (MICC 19.07)

         Exhibit 6

         Exhibit 7


Important Note: Some of these are large documents! If you have dial-up internet access you can expect this some of these documents to take 1-3 minutes to download. 


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