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City Council - Agenda     
Monday, June 04, 2007


Call To Order:            Mayor Bryan Cairns called the meeting to order at 6:04 pm in the Council Chambers of City Hall, 9611 SE 36th Street, Mercer Island, Washington.
Roll Call:                    City Councilmembers Mike Grady, Dan Grausz (arrived 6:11 pm), El Jahncke, Steve Litzow, Deputy Mayor Jim Pearman and Mayor Bryan Cairns were present. Councilmember Sven Goldmanis was absent.
Legislative Update: State Representatives Judy Clibborn and Fred Jarrett updated the City Council on the transportation elements of the 2007 Washington State Legislative Session.
Mayor Bryan Cairns spoke about the passing of former Deputy City Manager Deb Symmonds.  He spoke about her contributions to the Mercer Island Community and asked all to join in a moment of silence in her memory.
Rich Koehler, MI Resident, is in favor of a sidewalk on 72nd Ave SE.  He would also like to see traffic calming device as speeding is an issue at the north end of 72nd.
Aaron Kornblum, 2278 72nd Ave SE, thinks that traffic calming devices at the corner of SE 27th & 72nd Ave SE are needed as well as a sidewalk on 72nd Ave SE.
(1)        It was moved by Councilmember Litzow; seconded by Deputy Mayor Pearman to:
Approve the Regular Meeting Minutes of May 21, 2007 as written.
Motion passed 6-0.
Consent Calendar:
Councilmembers Grady and Grausz asked to move AB 4195 to the first item of Regular Business.
(2)        Payables: $ 46,602.14                Payroll: $554,670.49
It was moved by Councilmember Litzow; seconded by Councilmember Grausz to:
Approve the Consent Calendar and the recommendations contained therein.
Motion passed 6-0.
Regular Business:
(3)        AB 4195            2007 Street Improvements Bid Award
Staff answered questions from the Council regarding the scope of the project.
It was moved by Councilmember Litzow; seconded by Councilmember Jahncke to:
Award all four schedules of the 2007 Street Improvements project to Lakeridge Paving Company in the amount of $542,618.75, set the total project budget at $681,200.00, and direct Staff to administer the construction contract.
It was moved by Councilmember Grady; seconded by Councilmember Grausz to:
Add bike lanes and/or shared lanes to Schedule B (SE 71st Street only) using funds out of the Maintenance Departmentís annual pavement marking budget.
Motion passed 5-1 (Mayor Cairns dissented).
Main Motion passed 6-0.
(4)        AB 4189            Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Purchase
Fire Chief Walt Mauldin and Deputy Chief Chris Tubbs presented information about the need to replace the Fire Departmentís inventory of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and the breathing air compressor as they have exceeded their useful life of ten and twenty years respectively.  Fire Lieutenant Curt Groscost & Firefighter Matt Kennedy demonstrated the Self Contained Breathing Apparatus for the Council.
The Council asked questions about the equipment.  Staff noted additional Council questions for discussion at the Mini-Planning Session.
(5)        AB 4188            Adoption of 2006 Updates to the International Codes
Development Services Director Steve Lancaster presented an ordinance to update the Mercer Island City Code Title 17 with the updated editions of the International Codes as required by Washington State.
Councilmembers asked questions about specific provisions in the ordinance. Building Official Don Cole spoke about common code adoption with other partners in the eGov Alliance.  Fire Marshall Rod Mandery answered questions about fire access and fire flow.
It was moved by Councilmember Grady; seconded by Deputy Mayor Pearman to:
Suspend the City Council Rules of Procedure 5.2.
Motion failed 3-3 (Councilmember Grausz, Jahncke & Litzow).
Council directed staff to bring Ordinance No. 07C-04 at the June 18th meeting for a second reading and adoption along with indication of which provisions are mandated and which are discretionary.
(6)        AB 4192            I-90 Briefing (Roads & Transit Measure, R8A, East Link Project Rail Station)
Deputy City Manager briefed the City Council on the following matters impacting the I-90 corridor:
  1. History of 1976 memorandum of Agreement, 2004 Amendment, City Council goals and objectives for Mercer Island access and mitigation for any future changes in the I-90 corridor;
  2. The Roads & Transit Measure being presented to the voters in November 2007 providing for the expenditure of $17.8 billion in transportation investment (in 2006 dollars).  The Deputy City Attorney discussed funding for the two projects affecting the I-90 corridor contained within the Roads & Transit Measure;
  3. Status Report on the East Link Project (light rail from Seattle through Mercer Island on I-90) and R8-A (addition of new HOV lanes in the I-90 outer roadways;
  4. Amendment of the WSDOT Access Plan to approve Mercer Island single occupant vehicles utilizes the R8-A HOV lanes; and
  5. Light Rail Station Proposal: The Council considered the at grade light rail station proposed by Sound Transit.  Staff was directed to work with Sound Transit to create additional alternate station designs, including a pedestrian overpass from the Town Center to the light rail station and create options for access to the light rail station (park-and-ride, bus routes, etc).
(7)        AB 4194            Public Hearing: Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP)
The Mayor opened the Public Hearing at 9:11 pm.
City Engineer Patrick Yamashita presented clarifying information requested by the Council at the May 21, 2007 meeting regarding: 1) the Merrimount and Island Crest Way Intersection; 2) 72nd Avenue SE (between SE 24th & SE 32nd Streets); 3) Traffic Lights in Town Center; 4) Town Center Public Plaza; and 5) Bicycle Facilities.
Following the staff presentation the Mayor invited citizens to testify:
Maretta Holden, 8221 SE 24th Street, stated that the assumption that bikes and pedestrians can share same lane is a potential danger.
Jason King, 4128 93rd Ave SE, believes the Council needs to look at projects in terms of safety and the end result; he takes strong issue with lowering the traffic level of service in the Town Center just to reduce changes that need to be made as itís not helping toward making Town Center a pedestrian friendly area.
The Mayor closed the Public Hearing at 9:28 pm.
Following discussion the Council directed staff as follows:
  1. Merrimount and Island Crest Way Intersection: Continue to look at Option 1, Option 4a and Option 5, and run a traffic model for 35 mph in addition to 30 mph.
  2. 72nd Avenue SE (between SE 24th & SE 32nd Streets): Council would like to accelerate the roadway and path improvements but would like to see what projects would be delayed and/or increases in staff resources to accommodate the workload. Staff was directed not to consider improvements north of SE 24th Street at this time.
  3. Traffic Lights in Town Center:  Move traffic signal construction and funding of $235,000 from 2008 to 2009 or later to evaluate traffic conditions following completion of new mixed-use developments.  Council will further discuss the level of service for the Town Center as a Comprehensive Plan Amendment.
  4. Town Center Public Plaza: Move majority of project funding from 2007 to 2008 when construction is expected.  Retain funding in 2007 to complete design work.
  5. Bicycle Facilities: Staff was directed to produce a map of the locations on Mercer Island where bike or shared lanes could be added as well as to schedule a Study Session on what has been implemented so far from the 1996 Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities Plan.
Staff will return on June 18, 2007 for adoption of the TIP.
(8)        AB 4193            Capital and Operations Strategy for Parks & Open Space
Assistant City Manager and Parks and Recreation Director Pete Mayer spoke about the Councilís direction from January 2007 retreat regarding park planning efforts and investments, identifying park improvements, and financing strategies. 
Finance Director Chip Corder presented current financial policies regarding funding sources, new capital assets and new O&M costs as well as three future options for capital and O&M costs.  He also detailed Mercer Islandís voted debt capacity for Parks & Open Spaces. 
Following brief Council discussion, staff captured discussion points to be pursued at the June 16th Mini-Planning Session.  This Mini-Planning Session will provide a venue for a more in-depth discussion of a parks improvement and investment strategy. 
Councilmember Absences:
Councilmember Goldmanisí absence was excused.
Councilmember Grady will be absent at the July 9th meeting.
Planning Schedule:
July 2nd meeting has been moved to July 9th.
Board Appointments:
It was moved by Deputy Mayor Pearman, seconded by Councilmember Litzow to:
Confirm the Mayorís 2007-2008 Board & Commission appointments as presented.
Motion Passed 6-0.

Arts Council
Cynthia Nuzzi, Position 1, Term 2011
Katalin Pearman, Position 2, Term 2011
Jane Ditzler, Position 4, Term 2011
Design Commission
Scott Kuznicki, Position 1, Term 2011
Planning Commission
Steven Marshall, Position 1, Term 2011
Dave Chappelle, Position 2, Term 2011
Kristen White, Position 5, Term 2009
Senior Commission (1-year trial basis, terms are listed if commission continues)
Alanna Burdell, Position 1, Term 2009
Beth Cordova, Position 2, Term 2009
Maria Ackley, Position 3, Term 2010
David Jobe, Position 4, Term 2010
Harriet Weiss, Position 5, Term 2011
Tom Kenworthy, Position 6, Term 2011
Shirley Weissman, Position 7, Term 2011
Youth & Family Services Advisory Board
Rachel Allen, Position 1, Term 2009
Chad Buechler, Position 5, Term 2010
Amber Curnow, Position 6, Term 2010
Carol Power, Position 7, Term 2010
Donna Buckingham, Position 8, Term 2010
Anna Philips, Term 2009
Miles Brooks, Term 2009
Nick Medlock, Term 2009
Rory Lubner, Term 2009
Lauren Head, Term 2009
Councilmember Reports:
Deputy City Manager Lindell reviewed about the agenda for the June 18, 2007 Mini-Planning Session.
Councilmember Grady would like to produce a forum piece for the Mercer Island Reporter regarding bike enforcement.
Adjournment:           10:37 pm

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